Sun Eleuthero

Sun Eleuthero
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You will earn 210 VFL Loyalty Points for buying this product

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Sun Eleuthero 240 tablets

At Sun Chlorella, we discovered something that helps ease the stress imposed by modern society. It is a herb of the Araliaceae family — the same family as Korean ginseng — growing 2 to 3 meters high, and it's called Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus). Sun Eleuthero is the finest, growing naturally only in the wilds of Northeast Asia and Northeast Hokkaido. In addition to many other revitalizing properties, its roots are rich in the dietary fibre, calcium and isofraxidine.


In China it was classified as a super-medicine, which means therapeutic medicine for long-term use, in the world's oldest pharmaceutical book, and it has held an honored place in the Chinese herbal tradition for centuries. The native people in Siberia and Northern Tungusu has valued it highly calling "Root of Life." Russian Olympic athletes used to use the herbal extract to improve their performance. It had a super reputation unrivaled by any other ginseng in the world, especially in sporting circles. Isofraxidine, one of the effective constituents is brought to international attention as it facilitates spiritual rejuvenation.

Sun Eleuthero® is one of nature's finest "adaptogens." That simple means it works over time to provide extra support for your body, so you can cope with — and adapt to — the enormous stress that comes with living in today's fast-paced world while at the same time producing a natural boost to your energy levels. Eleuthero grows wild in organically rich soil in China, Russia and the northernmost part of Japan where the enviroment is free from chemicals, pollutants and pesticides. Sun Eleuthero® contains Eleutherococcus senticosus root of the part of the plant where its potency is most concentrated.

Further Information

Typical Analysis Result on (100g)Sun Eleuthero 240 tablets

Typical Analysis Result on Sun Eleuthero (100g)

General composition

Moisture 3.8g
Fat 6.1g
Protein 1.8g
Carbohydrate 12.8g
Fiber 73.5g
Ash 2.0g
Calories 407kca


Vitamin B2 4.52mg
Vitamin B6 1.81mg
Vitamin E 5.0mg
Niacin 54.7mg
Pantothenic acid 8.89mg
Folic acid 2.9mg
Biotin 72µg
Inositol 248mg


Calcium 820mg
Iron 9.7mg
Magnesium 68mg
Zinc 0.68mg
Copper 0.10mg
Potassium 210mg
Sodium 34mg
Iodine 25mg
Phosphorus 61mg

Directions for use for Sun Eleuthero

15 to 40 tablets per day taken at any time. May be taken all at once or in smaller amounts as desired. New users should build up to the recommended intake with a meal.

Sun Eleuthero® Tablets are available in a convenient trial pack of 300 tablets for your first 20-30 days supply. You can also buy a better value pack of 900 tablets for 60 – 90 days or 1500 tablets for 100-150 days supply. Eleuthero (Short for Eleutherococcus) is often called Siberian Ginseng, but is not related to the more common Panax, or Korean Ginseng.