Vega Vitamins

Who are Vega Nutritionals?

Vega Nutritionals have been in the vitamins and health business for many years and with the strong belief in the intregration of complementary and conventional medicine, the Vega team of Phamacists and Nutritionists formulated the Vega range of Vega Vitamins. 

Their range of nutritional Vega supplements meet the needs of many different lifestyles and conditions and their team of experts have the scientific background and experience to develop superior tailored formulations to meet the nutritional requirements of many health concerns covering a wide range of supplement categories, such as, Vega Antioxidants, Specialised Nutritional Supplements, Standardised Herbs and Probiotics & Digestive Aids.

Why do we support Vega Nutritionals?

Vega Nutritionals have access to extensive research and development facilities and expertise in a wide range of nutritional and clinical research. Vega Antioxidants produce a wide range of antioxidants which are suitable for Kosher, vegan and vegetarian diets. 

Vega Specialised Nutritional Supplements have no less than 24 Specialised Nutritional Supplements in this range covering specific health issues such as detoxification and joint care.Vega Standardised Herbs - Vega believe that the use of herbal supplements are an important inclusion of any nutritional regime. Vega Probiotics & Digestive Aids - Vega probiotics are top class when it come to quality synergistically formulated with prebiotics, probiotics and antioxidants.

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