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Liquid Vitamins & Minerals Supplements

We each need to eat a balanced diet in order to keep our body healthy and our mind sharp but how to decide just which of the thousands of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements are best for us can be a monumental decision.

There are hundreds of brands and each suggests theirs are the very best for us. First things first and that means what you take as supplements to your diet depend on your physical age and condition. Babies and young children do best when they are given liquid vitamins and minerals supplements because they are easily swallowed and usually pleasant tasting enough that kids simply like them.

As they get a little older, maybe six or seven years of age, they may prefer the chewable variety as they are more a more “grown up” way to take their daily vitamins. 

Just how safe are our kids liquid vitamins & mineral supplements?

There are many popular brands on the market and each of those are heavily tested and graded to make certain they are safe for our children to consume. The Expert Group on Vitamins and Minerals or EVM has been evaluating the safety of all of the vitamins and minerals since 1998, making sure those sold are safe for children as well as adults.

This eleven member panel (made up of scientists and representatives of consumer organizations and the industry) are constantly testing and insuring that what passes through their establishment is made up of safe food supplements, fortified foods, vitamins, and minerals.

A well balanced diet is tough to beat

Eating a balanced diet which includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables is the best way to insure we have a balanced daily diet but sometimes we fall victim to cravings for greasy hamburgers or fish and chips so our nice balance with nature is upset. Then we benefit by the daily addition of good quality liquid vitamins, minerals, and other supplements.

Depending on our needs, we may take some Omega-3 fish oil (excellent for the cardiovascular system) or Theanine which is an amino acid found in tea plants. This useful mineral has the ability to help relieve stress and help us relax.

Children and adults benefit from additional supplements

All of us, especially young growing children require a certain amount of basics from the food groups pyramid. This well known plan has been determined by health experts to be capable of giving our body what it needs for daily living. Stressful times can cause us to need more of certain additives and that is where the industry that manufactures them comes into play.

Small children benefit from an addition of liquid vitamins and minerals supplements on a daily basis because they are definitely under stress due to rapid growth. Additionally their minds are developing quickly and need plenty of supplemental “brain food” to help them in their development. Kids are notorious for being picky or choosey when it comes to what they eat at certain ages and they are benefitted by a daily boost in their dietary intake of healthful ingredients.

We all gain by supplemental vitamins and minerals

We are each healthier and better off by taking vitamin supplements on a daily basis just to insure we get enough of the vital and beneficial additions to our daily fare. Many of us are in weight loss programs and that can create stress on our body that definitely benefits from a liquid supplement.

Young growing children and teenagers are continually in need of extras they may not get enough of through their daily menu. Adding liquid vitamins and minerals supplements to the small ones daily fare will give them the boost their rapidly growing bodies need to grow up strong and wise.

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