Supplements for Anti Inflammatory ailments stop the pain

Inflammation and swelling are most often the cause of pain after exercising and straining muscles. For this we benefit by using supplements for anti inflammatory problems, most of which are considered temporary yet can be painful and debilitating for a time.

Essential fatty acids help relieve the inflammation as well as provide joint mobility, heart health, circulation, proper nervous system function, and promote healthy skin. Linseed oil as well as borage oil are but two of the valuable oils which provide us with essential fatty acids in our diet.

These fatty acids are considered to be the “good guys” by providing us with vital omega oils such as omega-3 and omega-6 which are proven to improve the absorption and bio-availability of these fatty acids in our system. Virtually all of the cells in our body are made up of these essential fatty acids.

Anti-inflammatory supplements, herbs, and foods fight inflammation

When our body is temporarily injured as a result of over exercising or over working certain muscles and joints, there is swelling in the region of the injury which causes further pain, especially on movement.

Taking a natural anti inflammatory supplement can help prevent that pain or alleviate it once the damage has been done by overworking those muscles, joints, and ligaments.  

The inflammation process is how our body attempts to heal itself but in the mean time pain increases with the swelling process.  Among the most beneficial anti inflammatory foods are fish, particularly salmon and halibut. Vegetables of nearly every type are also considered anti inflammatory and of benefit due to the fact they have far less sugar than most fruits.

Certain foods actually create inflammation

Foods that are high in sugar and simple carbohydrates plus certain oils and fatty acids increase inflammation and pain and those include pastries, doughnuts, and sugared drinks such as soda pop.

Avoiding these will help in the reduction of painful inflammation. Among the natural herbs and supplemental ingredients that can be a herbal anti inflammatory and have anti inflammatory properties are Milk thistle, Curcumin spice, cetyl myristoleate, Frankincense, Silymarin, serrapeptase, and catuaba, krill oil, and flax seed oil. Vitamin C, an antioxidant dietary supplement, is extremely valuable as an anti inflammatory supplement. Also DHEA, another dietary supplement can prove to be of benefit.

Polyphenols found in aspirin have long been helpful fighting inflammation

Non steroidal Anti inflammatory drugs known as NSAIDs have been commonly prescribed for their ability to decrease inflammation for many years. This ability can also be found in dietary polyphenols which are found in many of the plant products considered to be dietary including vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and many beverages.

The results of epidemiological studies indicate that when certain populations consume specific varieties of polyphenols the incidence of inflammatory diseases is far lower. 

Arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other inflammatory diseases

Those who suffer from the debilitating diseases causing inflammation such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout, bursitis, rheumatism, and others can benefit from supplements for anti inflammatory ailments.

Certain anti inflammatory drugs can cause erectile dysfunction. Among the reasons to seek out natural means of relieving inflammation is the fact that certain non steroidal drugs such as naproxen and ibuprofen have been shown to cause erectile dysfunction or erection difficulties, particularly in older male patients.

Chronic pain caused by inflammation can be debilitating

Back pain and Arthritis are often considered to be chronic pain in that they are constant rather than temporary as in the case of muscle pain due to over exercising. Inflammation is most often caused when the body’s white blood cells fight off viruses and bacteria.

This can create swelling and painful movement. Our body’s immune system is often to blame as it attempts to fight off disease.

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