Healthy Supplements for Eyesight

There seem to be supplements made for everything today. Most of them supply additional vitamins and minerals intended to help specific areas of our body, mind, or to help promote overall good health. Eyesight depends on rods, cones, and the optic nerve which transmits messages from the eye to the brain where what is imprinted on the eyeball is interpreted into useful information.

Eye supplements include many of the basic vitamins needed for every function of our body each day. These tried and true supplemental ingredients are needed as they provide things our body may use and need replenished. Daily multivitamin and mineral supplements provide us with most of our daily requirements and when added to a well balanced diet they give us all we need to function normally. Eye vitamin requirements vary according to our age, amount of stress, and environmental influences.

Beneficial eye supplements we all need

We are born with healthy eyes but the combination of genetics and environmental influence can change not only our vision but the health of our eyes. If our parents’ eyesight required correction through eyeglasses or contact lenses, most likely ours will as well. Genetics plays a large part in who we are and how healthy we are overall. While there is no vitamin or magic pill that can correct poor vision, our eyes health can be improved on with the addition of eye supplements.

Some useful vitamins for eye health

The eye consists of the retina, lens, macula, and various parts all pertaining to vision. They can be protected by antioxidants such as vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin E, and additional alpha lipoic acid plus citrus bioflavonoids, flavonols, flavonoids, quercetin, as well as naringenin.

Fruits and vegetables contain an abundance of antioxidants known as the free radical fighters used in every part of our body. These eye vitamins feed our eyes with generous doses of their ingredients to maintain healthy vision.

Some beneficial ingredients found in eye supplements include elemental lutein, elemental zeaxanthin, lycopene, cryptoxanthin, beta carotene, and mixed carotenoids, each of which can be provided in a healthy diet which includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. But these vital ingredients are not typically taken in through our diet every day so the addition of supplements insures us we get enough of all those very important ingredients.

Carrots have long been vital to good eyesight

All of our lives we hear that by eating carrots every day we will have great eyesight. If it were only that easy the eyeglass profession would never have been. Carrots contain carotenoids zeaxanthin, lycopene, and lutein but only in small quantities making it necessary to eat many pounds of carrots each day to show improvement of our eyesight.  

These eye vitamins are meant to help maintain healthy eyes only and we need more than just that maintenance dosage to keep our eyes healthy and functioning at their best.  Eye supplements can provide the additional ingredients necessary to insure we have healthy eyes for a lifetime.

Healthy vision benefit from both carotenoids and Polyphenols

Carotinoids protect the eye from free radicals that deplete oxygen from parts of the eye and can be found in fruits, vegetables, and many herbs. Polyphenols are compounds that contain flavonoids and anthocyanins.

They are also found in fruits, vegetables, and various herbs such as bilberry, ginkgo biloba, eyebright, goji berry, and many other berries. It is thought these supplements help by raising brain chemical levels and improving the eyes circulation. Fish oil and flaxseed offer much in the way of eye vitamin supplements as well.

Everyday stress and tension contribute to eye strain

Work related stress and tension definitely contribute to eye problems, particularly strain and tiredness. Those nagging headaches over the brow may be caused by tension within the eyeball itself and supplements will prove helpful in relieving that stress and tension.

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