Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium Supplements Provide Us With Healthy Bone Structure

The eleventh most abundant element (by mass) in the human body, magnesium is an essential mineral for all living cells.  It also aids us in a wide variety of biological functions that are important for our good health. The addition of magnesium supplements can help assure we get the proper amount in our daily diet. This vital mineral is involved in over three hundred metabolic processes and is a requirement for each of our major biological processes. This includes production of cellular energy along with synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids.

Magnesium - A vital essential element keeps us in balance

The electrical stability of animal and human cells, supporting muscle contraction, cell membrane integrity and nerve conduction each owe their proper functioning to the addition of magnesium to the system.

As magnesium works at its best when combined with calcium, it is vital that the proper combination is achieved. Humans have approximately twenty five grams of magnesium in their body and of that, about fifty to sixty percent is found in our bones. While potassium is the most abundant intercellular substance, magnesium is the second.

Clinical testing shows many benefits of magnesium

A requirement for many of the body’s metabolic processes, there is evidence that a magnesium supplement may be effective in reducing hyperactivity in children. Clinical testing of ADHD affected children who were deficient in magnesium were found to be less hyperactive when given an additional dose of two hundred milligrams of magnesium for a six month period.

Supplementation with magnesium has also shown to improve the symptoms involved with chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS in certain individuals. This required IV injections of liquid mineral magnesium.

Diabetics may have lower levels of magnesium

It has been shown that diabetics who have lower than required levels of magnesium benefit from supplementation and show improved levels of glucose tolerance. A number of other problems may be helped by magnesium added to the daily diet including correcting the dehydration of red blood cells in those suffering from sickle cell anemia and improving bladder control in women.

Magnesium comes in many forms

There are several forms of magnesium necessary to our bodies and the include magnesium taurate which is chelated to amino acid taurine which helps enhance absorption. Magnesium malate is important as a factor involved in many biochemical processes within the human body.

Magnesium ascorbate which is a buffered and actually low acid form of vitamin C. This form is more gentle on a persons stomach when compared to ascorbic acid in its acidic formula. Next there is magnesium plus pantothenate which provides a readily absorbable form of magnesium along with vitamin B5.

Normally found in tomatoes, broccoli, sunflower seeds, egg yolks, liver, and brewer’s yeast, B5 is yet another benefit of magnesium supplements. Hundreds of enzymes require magnesium ions in order to function properly and be effective to the human body. Magnesium ions are essential to all living cells and play a major role in the synthesis of many other minerals as well as vitamins. Magnesium compounds can be found in products such as milk of magnesia where it provides assistance as a laxative and an antacid. 

How much magnesium is enough?

It is generally advised to take small doses on a regular daily basis when adding magnesium supplements. Taking this with a full glass of water helps to avoid diarrhea as well. Doctors should be consulted before beginning a magnesium supplementation program to assure there are no complications from certain conditions.

In addition to taking magnesium, the addition of a B vitamin complex or even a multivitamin which contains B vitamins is recommended. If there is a pregnancy involved, or someone in athletic training, or recovering from some certain illnesses, they always should consult with their primary care physician before adding supplements, including magnesium.

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