Relieve Symptoms of RA with L-Histidine

L-histidine is an amino acid that is produced in adults but not in children. In some adults, there is a deficiency of the nutrient and a supplement must be taken. It has been proven by research studies and common practice that this amino acid relieves symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, or RA. In one study, patients gained grip strength and joint flexibility within a short period of using the supplement. While this is the most common usage of this amino acid, there are several other uses as well.

Other Uses L-Histidine

A team of Swedish researchers have found that l-histidine has antifungal properties. They did several tests that led to this conclusion, proving that the amino acid element actually breaks down the cell walls of fungus, eventually destroying it in a very natural way. This research could lead to many uses of the supplement, and many treatments for several fungal infections.

Another use for this amino acid is in the treatment of anaemia. It is a major building block of haemoglobin, the protein that transports oxygen to red blood cells. If you are deficient in this building block, it could lead to anaemia, and as such a supplement could rectify the condition. Of course, this is not always the cause of anaemia, so it may not always work as the solution.

Doses and Side Effects

This amino acid supplement is likely safe for most people. Doses of up to four grams have been successfully used in various studies with no serious side effects. However, if you are pregnant or breast feeding you should avoid use of this supplement, as not enough is known about it to take a risk. In addition, if you have a folic acid deficiency you should avoid l-histidine because it will trigger a build up of an unwanted chemical in your body.

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