Herbal Supplements

Our health supplements consist of many familiar ingredients

Since prehistoric times man has made use of various plants to treat a wide variety of ailment, some successfully and some not.  A part of folklore medicine as well as traditional medical knowledge, herbalism is based on the practice of using plants as well as plant extracts in an attempt to cure or heal when illness occurs, and do it in a natural manner. Herbal supplements medicine can include shells, animal parts, fungi and some bee byproducts.

Considered an alternative medicine, herbalism is actually given some scientific credit and has contributed to the formulation of many of the commonly used dietary supplements and medications in use today.

Plants synthesize many substances beneficial to our good health

Humans and other animals benefit from the ingredients of plants which have synthesized certain substances such as phenols or tannins which are oxygen substituted derivatives. Herbal supplements include a long list of categories.

Celery Seed commonly used as a seasoning

Commonly used in cooking, celery seed has health benefits just beginning to be discovered. It contains two oils of which one is heavy and the other light, plus a substance that has been named apiol, which shows possibilities as being a health benefit in treatment of menstrual disorders.

Cinnamon is a natural for good health

An everyday ingredient, cinnamon has proven value as an effective regulator of blood glucose levels making it highly beneficial to diabetes sufferers. Pleasant tasting, cinnamon is a good source of iron, fiber, and manganese and beneficial for prevention of blood clots and lowering cholesterol.

Ginger is a flavourful root with a medicinal history

Long used and revered in Southeast Asia as a medicinal herb, ginger is more commonly found in kitchens where it is used for flavoring and cooking. It helps medically by curing nausea as well as digestive problems, especially in pregnancy. Ginger root has shown benefits when used consumed prior to travel as a motion sickness remedy. Ginger supplements are commonly sold as digestive aids and can be found in combination with other herbal supplement products.

St. John’s Wort has proven value as it gains in popularity

Used for many years to cure both external and internal ailments, this herbal ingredient is beneficial in treatment of depression, nervousness, and healing flesh wounds.

Ginkgo Biloba has been planted by monks for centuries

Found in many energy drinks popular today, Ginkgo Biloba is a hardy tree commonly found in Asia. It is apparently useful in sharpening the mind while improving memory and concentration.  Beneficial as an aid in improving circulation, it helps ease tinnitus and prevents the oxidization of cells attacked by free radicals.

Native Americans found Cranberries had medicinal properties

Today the common cranberry has proven medicinal uses world wide in treatment of bladder infections as well value as an antioxidant. As an herbal vitamin supplement, cranberries can be found in snack foods like trail mix, granola bars, juices, and desserts. When taken as a daily supplement, cranberry helps rid the body of many types of bacteria, cleansing the body for good health.

Aloe Vera is a natural source of vitamin B12

Having been highly researched, Aloe Vera has a proven track record for it ability to soothe inflammation on the skin as well as in the gastro intestinal and digestive system.  It is an excellent curing agent for irritable bowel syndrome and colitis. It also helps the body fight off many diseases and infections through its ability to bolster the immune system.

Herbal supplements offer many healthy benefits when taken daily

All of the above mentioned ingredients of a good herbal supplement and many more herbs have the ability to keep us healthy and fully functional, able to fight off diseases and infections in a healthy manner while also taking care of our body naturally.