Mineral Supplements that are necessary for life

The lives of thousands world wide have been saved by the addition of folic acid to the diet of pregnant women.  Ever since researchers discovered that the cause of a severe birth defect called spina bifida could be blamed on those mothers not eating enough green vegetables (which contain folate or folic acid) and made it a daily requirement and supplement to the diet.

Those who take daily vitamin, mineral or nutritional supplements can be assured of getting enough of that valuable nutritive. Those who eat a diet high in pasta, rice, cereals, and enriched bread along with other grains risk many ailments due to eating an abundance of those grains and not enough of the green leafy vegetables that nature demands for a healthy body.

The health care industry tries to steer us toward a healthy diet

Scientists and health care professionals now know that the key to preventing many diseases is eating a healthy diet full of those basic food groups however many people find it difficult to eat all those highly nutritious foods because of busy life styles and on the go dining. This is where a daily multivitamin and mineral supplements comes in.  There are an entire range of valuable minerals that our body can utilize and benefit from.

Millions of heart related diseases could be prevented by eating a healthy well balanced diet. Millions more could avoid cancer and other life threatening diseases simply by eating more sensibly.

Magnesium is responsible for many biochemical processes in our body

As many as twenty different minerals are known to play a significant role in the human body. One of the most important is magnesium malate. This vital mineral is a requirement of many important enzymes for their optimum activity and formation.  It is necessary for cardiovascular health and regulation of heart rhythm. A healthy liver depends on magnesium for proper function.

Skeletal structure as well as to the release of energy and nerve and muscle functions are also dependant on magnesium. It is highly suited and recommended for those on a vegan or vegetarian diet. Another in the magnesium family that is vital to us is magnesium taurine. Rich in sulphur rich amino acids, taurine is the second most common amino acid in human breast milk but is only found to be available in trace amounts in cow’s milk.

Manganese is an essential trace nutrient in all life forms

Our body contains about ten milligrams of manganese, mostly stored in the kidneys and liver.  This mineral supplement use is important for many reasons including storage of glycogen storage in the liver, synthesis of structural cell proteins, co-factors in growth enzymes as well as improves the functionality of the nervous system. Manganese may aid muscle reflexes and help with energy production. When combined with vitamin C it is proven to be essential in maintaining a healthy immune system.

Other useful mineral supplement additions

Zinc, which is necessary for our sense of smell and taste, is also useful in formation and activity of insulin and many vital enzymatic processes. The most abundant mineral in our body, calcium is responsible for strong bones and aids the heart muscle through blood vessel contraction and expansion.

Our body needs to maintain constant levels of calcium in the blood, intercellular fluids, and muscles. Iron plays a vital role in good health and is an essential part of proteins that are involved with transport of oxygen throughout the body. Each of these and other mineral supplements are valuable ingredients in our daily need for good health and growth.