Serrapeptase Supplements Hold Natural Enzymes the Body Needs

Found to be an effective treatment in regard to alleviating arterial blockage in coronary patients, Serrapeptase supplements protect users against stroke and are proving to be quicker and more effective than EDTA Chelation treatments when used for the purpose of removing arterial plaque.  Serrapeptase also aids by shrinking varicose veins as well as dissolving blood clots.

Clinical use has been widespread over past twenty five years

A clinical history of over twenty five years shows SerraEnzyme (Serrapeptase) to be a viable alternative to ibuprofen, salicylates, and NSAIDs. Serrapeptase is physiologic, naturally occurring treatment that has been shown to have no inhibitive effects on the prostaglandins and apparently has no gastrointestinal side effects on patients who use Serrapeptase enzyme supplements for the purpose for which it is intended.

An enzyme naturally occurring in the silkworm intestine, Serrapeptase is commonly processed through fermentation today for commercial use.

Serrapeptase works effectively for many pains (of any origin)

Practitioners have reported in various studies on patients, that pain, of any kind, has been helped significantly by use of Serrapeptase. Pain as a result of MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Arthritis; Migraine and other headaches resulting from inflammation have proven to benefit from Serrapeptase use.  

Pain involving the lungs (Bronchitis, Emphysema, Bronchial Asthma, and Pulmonary Tuberculosis due to blocked veins or inflammation benefit equally. Chronic ear infections, runny nose, sinusitis and the like are also aided in a natural way by use of this enzyme.

Swelling, particularly due to traumatic injury such as sports injuries, leg ulcers that do not heal, post-op swelling, any type of inflammation such as inflammatory bowel diseases, Cystitis, also inflammation effects due to Fibromyalgia related illness of the breast causing breast engorgement have been shown to benefit from the use of Serrapeptase enzyme in supplement form.

How well does Serrapepase work with other drugs?

Sometimes products will conflict with others and drugs are particularly susceptible to this issue. The question arises as to how Serrapeptase works in combination with blood thinners. This as well as other proteolytic enzymes (such as aspirin) are not actually blood thinners such as are drugs like Warfarin, but rather cause the blood to flow in a normal manner and not thinner than would be normal.

When chronic inflammation occurs there is a certain amount of free radical damage done which is commonly referred to as “sticky blood” (platelets tend to stick together) which can be the cause of blood clots. Use of an inflammatory enzyme (Serrapeptase) causes the blood to flow smoothly, stopping the platelets from sticking together and cease the clotting effect.

Inflammatory diseases have long term effects

Left untreated, inflammation and the inflammatory process can promote increasingly limited joint function and further destruction of cartilage, articular structures, as well as bone damage.  Use of either NSAIDs (anti inflammatory agents whether steroids or non steroidal) have long been standard therapeutic drugs for treatment of inflammatory illnesses like those resulting from the effects of swelling.  

Used clinically throughout Asia and Europe, this anti inflammatory enzyme has shown to be a viable and effective alternative to ibuprofen, salicylates (aspirin), and the highly potent NSAIDs. Serrapeptase however is naturally occurring and considered safer than many of the other anti inflammatory drugs.

Atherosclerosis an Inflammatory condition which benefits from SP

Serrapeptase (SP) has proven effective as a treatment for degenerative diseases including atherosclerosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and fibrocystic breast disease. The use of Serrapeptase nutritional supplements on a daily basis are proving beneficial for many of these inflammatory illnesses and effectively replacing drugs such as the NSAIDs and ibuprofen. Unlike some drugs, the Serrapeptase enzyme does not interfere withy synthesis of cholesterol.

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