Beetroot Extract

Beetroot Extract

You know that eating your dark leafy greens is important, but what about the dark reddish coloured beet? Beetroot is a widely available and richly nutritious vegetable to include in your diet. You can take a Beetroot Extract if you don’t have the time to eat enough beetroot. Supplements are an easy way to get valuable nutrition that you’re lacking. 

So why do people strive to get a dose of beetroot?

They believe that beetroot is a great cleanser so it removes toxins from the liver, gallbladder and kidneys. It is also said to help facilitate regular bowel movements to keep your body digesting efficiently, and beetroot also has two anti-oxidant enzymes. Not only does beetroot have all of these great health-boosting properties, it is also supposedly a wonderful stamina-booster.

Studies show that people who eat beetroot perform more effectively in physically demanding tasks. Nitrates present in beetroot herbal supplements help to compensate for reductions in cellular oxygen intake, increasing endurance and cardiovascular stamina.

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