Immune Support

Supplements for Immune Support

We rely on our body’s immune system to keep us healthy and feeling well, so when it fails us and we become ill, it can seriously compromise our health. Most people will benefit by taking supplements to boost your immune system but just what works best and how can you tell if it even works?

There has been much research done on the subject of immune supplements and how to improve the daily diet to provide enough needed immune support to keep us healthy. When we are exposed to viruses and bacteria that are harmful we find having a healthy immune system is vital to overcoming the many “bugs” that surround us each and every day.

Disease and viruses look for weakened immune systems

Most of the common cold and flu viruses that surround us constantly can be avoided by remaining at home and never going out or socializing.  Those who are particularly paranoid about becoming sick may choose to wear a surgical mask whenever they find they must leave home but there is no way any of us can absolutely avoid the many “bugs” that plague us every day.

A healthy immune system can act as a barrier against most of those viruses. Just what constitutes an immune support program? Avoiding processed foods and sugars is a good start toward a healthy diet and that key to keeping the immune system strong. Getting more sleep and avoiding stress are vital along with getting plenty of exercise.

When people exercise they burn calories and oxygenate their blood while also improving circulation of the cardiovascular system. Every part of our body depends on each other for optimum health and vitality, so in order to boost your immune system, you must work on living a healthy lifestyle.

Diet and exercise simply are not enough

We strive to eat a healthy diet which includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. Exercise daily to ensure proper circulation of blood in our muscular system, respiratory system, along with our cardiovascular system.

But the immune system tends to be the last of our vital body systems to benefit from that diet and exercise regimen. Adding supplemental ingredients to the diet will boost your immune system and provide many benefits throughout the body. Among the most valuable supplements for our immune system are probiotics. Probiotics are actually live microorganisms.

They reside primarily in the stomach and digestive system where they insure the human body stays in top health by eliminating bad bacteria and replacing it with beneficial gut flora.

Multivitamins are essential to a healthy immune system

It is difficult to keep the body in perfect harmony with nature due to daily stress and contact with germs but taking a multivitamin that includes B complex, C, D, and E vitamins helps insure we give ourselves a good head start to each and every day.

And don’t forget those valuable herbs. Garlic, Echinacea, Picrorhiza, Wild Indigo, and Astragalus are among the most beneficial herbals known to man.Being exposed to viruses and germs every where we go is not as serious when the immune support we get from that daily exercise, healthy diet, and immune supplements is provided.

It is nearly impossible to entirely avoid every “bug” that goes around, especially for those who have small children in school. The typical adult is immune to many of those germs that go around because they have already been exposed to them at some point in their lifetime.

That is why small children seem to have so many colds and catch everything that is around. Once they have been affected by a particular virus they most likely will never fall victim to that very same virus or germ again.

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