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Everyone has an occasional “down” day, one in which we feel sad or we tend to dwell on sad memories. Emotions can be similar to a roller coaster occasionally, lifting our spirits or making us depressed. These can be normal signs of a busy life or they can be warning signals of an illness that needs further attention.  Mood supplements can help when those dark days are bothersome, insuring us of a brighter day soon and the best part is they are each considered naturally occurring remedies.

The best mood enhancers can be added as diet supplements

Your mood can be elevated and it need not come in the form of an antidepressant pill. Some of the best mood vitamins supplements can be found on your health food store shelves.

SAM-e occurs naturally in all living things

A naturally occurring compound, SAM-e is in all living things and when in plentiful amounts contributes mood level enhancement throughout the human body. It does diminish somewhat as we age and can be noted by lowering moods that can bring on sad or depressed emotions. Basically, SAM-e aids other molecules found in the brain. If the level of SAM-e becomes low the molecules that control moods cannot do their job effectively and the result is feeling down or out of sorts. Available in a supplemental pill, SAM-e can raise the mood level for those who are feeling sad or in a bad mood.

5-hydroxytryptophan - an amino acid mood supplement

Oxitriptan or 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is a naturally occurring member of the amino acid family as well as a chemical precursor. Derived from tryptophan which is the mail building block of the creation of serotonin, it enhances the mood, works as an appetite suppressant, and provides benefit as a sleep aid. It can be found in stores and sold as a dietary supplement to treat depression as well as a diet aid for appetite suppression. After much testing, 5-HTP has shown to be an extremely effective mood enhancer.

L Tyrosine converts into nor epinephrine and dopamine

Not considered an essential amino acid due to the fact it can be made from an amino acid called phenylalanine, tyrosine turns into dopamine and nor epinephrine and when combined with 5-HTP will give far longer results as mood supplements, making the combination a powerful mind enhancing mood booster. They are responsible for good mental arousal and alertness. The combination is also considered a valuable aid in appetite control for those dieting.

Essential fatty acids like Omega-3 help boost those mood vitamins

Foods like walnuts, flaxseeds, and fatty fish generally found in the cold waters of oceans, help provide the brain with serotonin which is a mood elevator. Sadness or depression can be the cause of weight gain, insomnia, and suicidal thoughts that need to be addressed before they are out of control and mood enhancing foods and mood vitamins can help keep emotions on an even keel, without the ups and down that occur when our body lacks these vital ingredients. A daily supplement of fish oil and or flaxseed oil will help.

Vitamins that help maintain healthy moods

Our body needs to convert tryptophan into a useable form of serotonin and there are some basic vitamins that help with that. Taken as daily mood supplements, vitamin C as well as the B complex vitamins, calcium, zinc, magnesium, chromium, and selenium have much to offer. They are considered to be mood vitamins which bolster our moods and keep us from feeling prolonged sadness or depression. Taking a daily supplement containing these valuable vitamins can help by keeping our mood elevated.

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