Got a Hangover? L-Cysteine Maybe Responsible

How does L-Cysteine cause a hangover? 

If you were out drinking last night and drank way too much then you probably don’t care now but you may before next weekend.  This is an unnaturally occurring amino acid that is found in human hair and urine. 

What is L-Cysteine?

A building block of the human body the L-Cysteine amino acid is found naturally occurring in humans and animals alike.  It was first thought to be non-essential but further study has found it to be essential in little children and older adults.  This is part of the reason that you are told to drink lots of water each day because it helps to replenish depleted amounts of this amino acid.

Even animals have this compound in their systems and sheep use it to produce wool.  In times of drought like this sheep have a problem with the wool production because they do not have enough water to produce the byproduct of eating grass and make the wool.

Hangover Helper

When your body has a hangover it is fighting the effects of over use of alcohol.  The increase in alcohol breaks down the amount of water in your system.  This is difficult to understand because alcohol is liquid and mostly water anyway but the effects of acetaldehyde which is the poisonous ingredient in alcohol. 

If you smoke when you drink you are getting some help with L-Cysteine because this is one of the ingredients added to cigarettes because it helps restore the mucus depleted during smoking. Adding this essential amino acid to your Saturday night outing does aid the body in countering the negative effects of the poisonous elements that you are ingesting.

The long range effects of this amino acid is not known yet as it is still being tested and good results are being reported in studies to indicate that liver damage from alcohol is one of the diseases that increased doses of this amino acid can help.

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