Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a Very Real Problem for Many

Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is a very common discomfort that unfortunately affects millions every day. However there are many therapies for the problem and many are natural and easy to do. There are five helpful strategies that will benefit those who suffer from IBS with perhaps the most effective being changes in diet.

Also there are supplements that have proven to be beneficial and prescription medications as well to aid with digestion and relieve the discomfort and pain. Alternative therapies have also been proven to help when medications fail. Following an irritable bowel diet will help keep the problems associated with IBS from becoming bigger issues than they already are.

IBS supplements include natural ingredients

There are many supplemental ingredients that have proven to be of value for those who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. Acacia Senegal and herbs such as peppermint and fennel seem to have a medicinal effect on the stomach and bowels also known as the gastrointestinal tract.

They sooth and relieve symptoms rapidly while easing the gassy buildup that is part of the digestive problems associated with IBS. Trying an assortment of remedies as well as mixing up the various supplements can bring about the proper mixture that works for an individual person who finds single ingredients to be of little or no value to their digestive problems.

Generally the supplements used for IBS are considered to be safe and harmless, as long as they do some good for the problems the syndrome causes.

Digestive enzymes are safe and extremely effective

As we age we lose our ability to produce many of the natural digestive enzymes our body needs for normal food digestion and this creates the condition known as irritable bowel syndrome and can be quite painful.

When those who suffer from IBS take supplemental digestive enzymes before a meal much of the discomfort is relieved immediately. Much of the problem is caused by complex sugars which are difficult for the body to break down without large amounts of digestive enzymes to do the job.

Calcium and magnesium are necessary ingredients

Magnesium and calcium have proven their worth with issues which are associated with irritable bowel syndrome. The combination of calcium along with magnesium offers help with muscle contraction as well as relaxation which benefits the bowel and gastrointestinal system itself.

While calcium tends to be constipating, magnesium seems to act in a laxative way. When those are combined the result is especially beneficial for those who suffer from diarrhea symptoms with their IBS issues.  Both magnesium and calcium need to be taken with meals for the most effective results and should be considered part of a daily irritable bowel diet.

Probiotics bring the gastrointestinal tract back into balance

Our digestive system needs microorganisms to keep a healthy balance in the stomach as well as the large and small intestines. The gastrointestinal tract is comprised of millions of healthy bacteria which aid in the digestion of foods we consume each day. Without those bacteria we cannot properly digest food and this brings on the discomfort or pain found in irritable bowel syndrome.

Adding additional probiotics to our diet assures us of a healthy amount of this valuable ingredient. Probiotics can be found in fermented foods which have been produced naturally. The live cultures which are active help improve the balance in the intestines while inhibiting toxins and pathogens. Supplemental probiotics can be found in pill form or in soy yogurt.

Lactic acid bacteria are commonly used in the making of probiotic supplementary gastrointestinal flora which minimizes bloating, gassiness, painful stomach cramps, and diarrhea. The proper mixture of flora must be maintained after a session of antibiotics has destroyed most of them.

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