Childrens Supplements

Childrens Supplements and vitamins are important for healthy kids

Children need every bit of help we can give them so they can grow up strong and healthy. Adding children vitamins and children supplements to their daily diet help insure they get all the necessary nutrients they may be missing in their meals. Kids tend to be finicky eaters and some even demand they only eat one thing at a time.

If you’ve ever had a child who will only eat fish sticks for weeks at a time will know how choosy they can be. As long as they do get some other vitamins, minerals, and beneficial nutrients in between those “binges” they will be alright.  And the assistance their diet gets from supplements for children will help them get through those picky years so before you know it they will be eating everything in sight.

The benefits of a well balanced diet for children

When looking into how to ensure our children eat a balanced diet, there is help to be found in  good multivitamin supplements for children that has all of those necessary vitamins and minerals that growing child requires. These vitamins may be found in chewable form, liquid, tablets, and gel caps depending on the age of the child and how they prefer to take them.

Infants or young children who have difficulty chewing their multivitamin may be offered a liquid multivitamin which is flavored in such a way that the child will readily accept it. Younger kids like the chewable variety of vitamins for children which are generally flavored in cherry, orange, or lemon and are easily chewed and then swallowed.

Children today consume far too much fat and sugar

A study conducted by the National Nutrition and Dietary Survey showed that young people between the ages of four and eighteen are eating far too much sugar, salt, saturated fat, and at the same time they are not eating near enough fresh fruits and vegetables. This not only increases their risk of gaining weight but accelerates the possibility they will develop heart trouble and diabetes at a young age.

The National Heart Forum (NHF) points out that foods marketed toward children are creating problems that may have irreversible effects. Commercials continually advertise junk food and greasy burgers while showing smiling happy children consuming them. JP Morgan (investment analysts) show that snack food consumption has increased 240% over the past twenty years and that contributes to obese children who sit instead of run and play as they need to.

Balance is the keyword when it comes to diet and nutrition for children

Adults as well as growing children need to eat a balanced diet every day. Plenty of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that maintain our health and bolster our diet can be found in good multivitamin supplements for children and adults as well. We cannot always get everything we need through our daily meals, even if we eat well (leave off junk foods) simply because our body may not assimilate all we eat properly.

If we do follow the guidelines and eat a well balanced diet according to the food pyramid we have known for decades, we still may not receive all our body requires because those requirements can change depending on many factors, including stress, rapid growth, and illness like the common cold. Even having a cold can put the body under stress and increase the need for certain vital ingredients that our normal diet simply may not be able to fulfill.

Choose a multivitamin which is free of artificial additives

Childrens nutritional supplements and childrens vitamins need to be free from artificial additives such as colors and preservatives including salt and starch, lactose, corn, wheat and yeast, gluten, gelatin, as well as hydrogenated fats and genetically modified ingredients. A good multivitamin which is vitamins along with minerals will help to insure healthy kids and adults.

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