Higher Nature

Who are Higher Nature?

Higher Nature have been manufacturing vitamins since 1994. Higher Nature supplements are held in very high esteem in the food supplement industry. They cover many facets of health, from daily supplementation, to skin care to the Higher Nature vitamins ranges known as True Food and Premium Naturals.

They are a family company, they have grown in size and success committed to research in the field and, in particular, to finding ingredients that give the best absorption and bio-availability. Higher nature nutritional supplements are therefore some of the best quality around today.

The company are dedicated to provide the consumer the best possible effective supplements produced to optimum standards for effective results. Manufacturing is to GMP - good manufacturing practice -Further quality assurance is conducted by the Department of Chemistry, University of Surrey and other test laboratories.

These are just some of their supplement ranges...

True Food

Uniquely, the True Food® method provides bio-transformed™ vitamin C, or any other nutrient, as nature does in food – but in greater concentration. The method literally grows a vitamin or mineral into a ‘food’. This method took years of trial and error to perfect. The end result has been incorporated into the unique True Food® range of products.

Omega Excellence

Higher Nature have been supplying the best organic oils for over 10 years. Now with Omega Excellence they have gone one better combining excellent quality and blending.

Premium Naturals

Formulated By Higher Nature's team of Doctors, nutritional experts and scientists, giving the health conscious consumer one of the best range of nutitional supplements available today.

Aeterna Gold

Higher Nature produce this range of supplements specifically for the skin and collagen support and with Collagen Crème Serum helps to firm and smooth the appearance of the skin at any age.

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