Who are Lamberts Healthcare?

 Lamberts Healthcare have been in the nutrition industry for over 20 years.  Lamberts Healthcare provide many different health care practitioner  diciplines with their superior nutritional supplements and herbal preperations. They are the leading experts in nutrition, producing high quality  products in one of the most technically advanced factories in Europe. Practitioners favour their brand as they cover a wide range of health issues    from womens health concerns, detoxification to childrens nutrition and digestive health which is so vital to any health regime.



Lamberts Healthcare

Why do we support Lamberts Healthcare?

Lamberts Vitamins aim to exceed patients expectations with their quality range nutritional supplements. Amino Acids - Lamberts quality range of amino acids are highly regarded in the supplement industry, many in capsule form presentation. Their Multiple Formulas consist of many multi vitamins and mineral formulae products and are widely popular from regular daily multi's for general good health, to hair health and specific products for osteo health concerns. Lamberts Essential Fatty Acids - Lamberts believe in a range of EFA's to help the needs of many individual requirements from taking such essential vitamin supplements.

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