Devils Claw

Devil’s Claw

This is a non-prescription herbal medicine that many people believe is a wonderful alternative to more mainstream painkillers. Testimonies claim that devil’s claw produced effective relief from arthritis, lower back pain, and joint pain. It is also used by sufferers of gout, osteoporosis and tendonitis.

The appeal of devil’s claw is that it contains no synthetic ingredients and is completely natural, which means that users can take it in high doses when dealing with a great deal of pain. Unlike other medications there is no known risk of adverse effects when taking large doses. Common painkillers are hard on the liver and have to be taken in very small, regulated quantities.

Devil’s claw was first discovered in South Africa in the 18th century and right away was used as an herbal remedy for pain and digestive disorders. Today it is one of many well known health supplements in Europe but less popular in the United States. 

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