L-Ornithine for Anti-Aging and Athletes

L-ornithine is a non-essential amino acid. It is considered non-essential because the body makes it from l-arginine, an essential amino acid. However, this amino acid is important because it assists in the production of human growth hormone. This is an important hormone for many reasons, but it is especially important for athletes and older adults.

Ornithine for Athletes

While l-ornithine does nothing for the process of muscle recovery, it does create the human growth hormone. This hormone is important for athletes because of its anabolic and fat burning properties. This makes it important for building lean muscle and burning fat. This means more muscle growth and retention and less body fat accrual. 

For Older Adults

As adults age, their levels of the human growth hormone naturally decrease dramatically. This is directly linked to many of the effects of aging. By taking a supplement containing this amino acid, adults can stave off or even reverse the signs of aging. This means that your skin becomes healthier looking and more firm, you get more energy, and you get an elevated libido. You even improve brain function, which can play a large role in memory loss and what people call “senior moments.”

Proper Usage

You should take this supplement on an empty stomach just before you go to bed. This is because human growth hormone is naturally released the most while you sleep. You can take up to 2 grams daily, although as little as 500 mg may be effective. The supplement is usually coupled with a l-arginine supplement. There are no known side effects of taking safe doses of this supplement. However, if you take too much you could experience nausea and loose stools. Some people also experience insomnia with the l-ornithine supplement because it does boost energy.

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