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Sun Chlorella A 200mg 300 tablets

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Sun Chlorella 200mg 300 tablets


Sun Chlorella 'A' tablets are a quick and easy way to get your daily supply of chlorella. Whether you keep them at home, the office, in your car or in your bag, our small and easy-to-take tablets are ready when you are.

Sun Chlorella 'A' Tablets
Sun Chlorella is suitable for everyone at any stage of life, however, there are key areas where Sun Chlorella has shown particular promise:

Vegans and Vegetarians - Contains the ‘Key Four’ nutrients that may be lacking in some plant based diets: vitamin D (540% NRV), B12, Iron and DHA omega 3 fatty acid. 

Pregnancy - Rich in Food-State iron may maintain iron levels in women especially during pregnancy.

Older Adults - Provides complete nutrition in a bioavailable, easily digestible food-state form. 

Digestion - Shown clinically to have prebiotic effects supporting microbiome diversity, along with being a good source of fibre.

Detoxification – High levels of chlorophyll may help cleansing, balancing and nourishing the digestive system.

Immunity - Along with supporting a healthy gut microbiome, Sun Chlorella contains iron, vitamin D, folate and beta glucans, which all contribute to the function of a healthy immune system.

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Ingredients for Sun Chlorella 300 tablets

Pulverised Chlorella (95.5%), Soy lecithin (from non GMO soy beans)

Directions for use for Sun Chlorella

15-40 tablets to be taken at any time. Start taking in smaller amounts and gradually increase as desired. New users should build up to the recommended intake. A detailed leaflet is enclosed in the pack.

Sun Chlorella® “A” tablets are available in a convenient trial pack of 300 tablets for your first 20-30 days supply. You can also buy better value packs, of 900 tablets (60-90 days) and for best value, 1500 tablets (100-150 days)


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