Vitamin D

Vitamin D Supplements Made in the Skin After Sunlight Exposure

Even if you do not eat your liver when it is offered, you can still obtain a good amount of vitamin D benefits because it is produced when the skin is exposed to the sunlight. There are several forms of vitamin D but two are the most vital and they are D2 and D3.

In addition to its manufacture when skin is exposed to sunlight, vitamin D3 is also found in fish oils, oily fish like salmon, mackerel, and herring, and egg yolks. Our body needs vitamin D3 because it is of vital importance in the absorption of our daily calcium. If we do not get enough calcium we won’t have healthy strong bones and muscles.

Additionally vitamin D 3 is showing its value in helping maintain a healthy immune system. Ergosterol from which vitamin D2 is made comes from fungus, plants, and invertebrates as a response to ultra violet irradiation. It is not manufactured by vertebrates.

The most bio-available form of Vitamin D is D3 (cholecalciferol)

When taking a daily multivitamin you can insure your good health by making sure there is vitamin D 3 included. D3 or cholecalciferol is known to be bio available which means it is highly absorbable by the body and will produce a high quality amount of the beneficial vitamin rapidly into your system.

Ergosterol or Vitamin D2 readily and efficiently absorbs ultraviolet radiation which is damaging to our skin and shows evidence that it should be of use as a sun screening system to protect against damage from high energy forms of ultraviolet radiation.

The absorption of the calcium we get from food is increased by vitamin D3 activity and makes certain that our body has sufficient levels of calcium to maintain healthy bones and teeth. When calcium levels are low it must come from somewhere and that is at the expense of our bones causing them to weaken.

Rickets was once a common skeletal disease

Once a fairly common malady, particularly involving children, rickets has been nearly eradicated in the Western world thanks to healthy diets and vitamin D supplements.  Rickets, caused by a vitamin D deficiency, lead to softening in bone tissue and caused bowed legs or crippling deformities.  Today there are still vitamin D deficiencies reported but generally they are found to be in those who practice a vegetarian diet without supplementation of the D vitamin. As we age our ability to manufacture vitamin D diminishes resulting in deficiencies of the vitamin.

Far too much fat is consumed by our children

According to a survey conducted by the National Nutrition and Dietary Survey too many of our children in the UK are eating way too much salt, sugar, along with saturated fat, while eating far too few healthy fruits and vegetables.  The marketing of “junk food” interferes with a normal and healthful diet, increasing our children’s risk of heart disease, cancer, and other ailments brought on by too many fats and sugar.

A well balanced diet along with a vitamin d supplement included in their daily multivitamin can help make up for some of the wrong being done by that poor diet, but teaching them to eat the right foods will prove most beneficial to our younger generation.

Adults as well as children must watch their dietary intake

Studies conducted recently have shown that sixty percent of the UK population may be deficient in vitamin D and this is linked to many serious health related problems later on in life. As a fat soluble vitamin, the D vitamin can either be manufactured by the body when exposed to light from the sun or ingested in our food.

Five known D vitamins make up the family called vitamin D

While vitamins D2 and D3 are the most vital to us, there are also D1, D4, and D5 which are recognized.

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