Osteo & Bone Health

Beneficial Supplements for Osteo and Bone Health

Painful joints can affect anyone at any age but are most commonly found to be disabling in the elderly. There are hereditary causes of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis but many times the painful swelling and stiffening is caused by every day wear and tear on the joints and cartilage involved and this is often unavoidable. Those who work with their hands often suffer the most. Osteoarthritis can also occur in feet, knees, and hip joints causing great difficulty walking and performing a daily exercise routine.

Millions are spent each year to manage osteoarthritis

In previous years most doctors and scientists were under the belief that foods were the only effective supplemental control for bone and joint degenerative diseases. The medical profession now admits the osteoarthritis supplements on the market today have much to offer in helping to alleviate the painful effects of most bone and joint pain and their causes.

Along with a healthy diet filled with plenty of vegetables, fruits, and calcium enriched dairy products, taking a daily multi vitamin is essential for good bone and joint health.

Calcium and magnesium are vital ingredients of healthy joints and bones

Much of our body is made up of calcium including bones, joints, and cartilage which help us motivate and keep active. As a vital mineral, calcium combined with magnesium supplies our body with the ability to strengthen bone while keeping our joints flexible and working properly. Several minerals including phosphorus, strontium, and potassium benefit from calcium and magnesium additives in promoting strong joints and healthy bone structure.

Selenium and boron are necessary ingredients for healthy bones

Boron is considered a vital ingredient of the human body because it improves the absorption of calcium, making it more readily available, and increases estrogen levels occurring in our blood. Osteoporosis is considered to be a sign of a boron deficiency. It also helps by improving memory and decreases the calcium levels excreted in urine.

Chromium works well with niacin to improve bone density

Chromium improves the density of our bones, making them stronger and less apt to break or fracture. It is also of value by improving the efficiency of insulin in our body.

Copper builds bone while lowering white blood count

When used as an aid in the prevention of anemia, Osteoarthritis supplements such as copper are also of benefit in helping the formation of bone. Those who lack the proper amount of copper in their system may develop anemia caused by low white blood cells. Iron and copper assist the body in manufacturing healthy blood.

Manganese is vital for metabolism of many vitamins

As one of the preventers of osteoporosis, manganese is a vital mineral that prevents our bones from becoming porous. Celery, egg yolks, bran, bananas, leafy green vegetables, liver, milk, pineapple, shellfish, nuts, whole grains, and cereals are among the most valuable sources of manganese.

Milk and Vitamin D play a strong role in prevention of osteoarthritis

One of the most important vitamins is vitamin D because it not only prevents blood clotting, aids in promotion of healthy skin, helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, and helps keep the nervous system in good condition; vitamin D additionally controls how calcium and phosphorus are absorbed. This valuable vitamin can be found in plentiful supply in egg yolks, bone meal, organ meats such as liver and heart, and we also absorb it from exposure to the sun.

Zinc vital to immune functions and calcium absorption

Osteoarthritis supplements should include zinc because of its value in increasing calcium uptake and its ability to improve immunity. It does not take much zinc to do its job and overdosing may cause deficiencies in both iron and copper. Zinc can be found in wheat bran, wheat germ, seafood, most animal meat, and whole grain products. It does not seem to be a readily available ingredient in vegetables.

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