Take Daily Urinary Supplements for a Healthy Urinary System

The urinary system consists of two kidneys, a bladder, urethra and ureters.  Our urinary system is a very effective filtering system that continually cleanses our blood, helping keep our body free from toxins and waste products which would otherwise build up to dangerous levels in the blood stream.

Waste matter is either eliminated from the system through the bowels as waste matter or passed through the blood stream in particles to be flushed out through the urinary tract. Other means of elimination of wastes include carbon dioxide and water vapor which is exhaled by way of the lungs and sweat which releases smaller particles of toxins through the skins surface.

Our body’s urinary health is dependent on many factors including flushing the system to keep waste materials from building up and herbs to keep not only our urinary tract in top condition but our entire body as well.

Byproducts of our metabolism must be flushed out

Among the many metabolism byproducts our body must constantly eliminate are water, toxins, and salts. If allowed to build up these products would rapidly create an unhealthy body and results could prove fatal.

Our urinary system is designed to effectively eliminate these products by flushing them from our blood. It is for this reason that people who do not have properly functioning kidneys must undergo dialysis treatments to do the job normally left up to the kidneys.

The bladder is designed to hold urine for short periods of time until it is convenient to eliminate it. Additionally our kidneys keep a check on and maintain the proper balance of water, allowing our tissues to obtain enough fluid for proper health and function. By taking a urine sample, doctors can determine how effective the kidneys are in doing their job. The addition of white blood cells, protein, or blood in the urine can indicate injury or illness.

Keeping the urinary system well flushed is vital

One of the most useful products used for urinary treatment is cranberries. They can be found in several forms such as cranberry juice concentrate, cranberry juice, and capsule forms of cranberry juice extract. Taken daily as a dietary supplement or drank as a flavorful morning juice the full effects of this healthful berry are important for our normal body functions.

Approximately one fifth of all the blood our heart pumps at any one time is passed through the kidneys and flushed free of any impurities. Besides the positive results of filtering our blood the kidneys also regulate salt levels and aid in maintaining proper blood pressure. Additionally they assist in the regulation of acid based balances, commonly called the PH, of body fluids and blood, a necessary function.

Uva Ursi called bear berries because bears love to eat them

Along with cranberries another beneficial supplement is found in the Uva Ursi leaves of a small shrub that has proven useful for centuries as an herbal folk medicine. It works as an astringent and mild diuretic and is proven to be very effective in treatment for proper urinary tract function as well as a urinary treatment to reduce or eliminate cystitis, uric acid accumulation and to help relieve much of the pain involved with bladder stones. It appears to benefit by soothing inflamed or irritated tissues.

A sulphur like Taurine contains amino acid and is proven effective

Taurine, an amino acid, works well with zinc, cysteine and vitamin B6 in promoting urinary health and keeping the urinary system doing its job of flushing waste and toxins from our blood stream. Additionally it aids normal function of the gallbladder, heart, eyes, brain, and the vascular system. A proven combination for urinary treatment or maintaining a well balanced urinary system is a combination of cranberry (juice or capsule), Taurine, Uva Ursi, along with zinc and vitamin B6.

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