Zinc Supplements

Zinc Supplements for the Skin, Hair and More

An essential trace element, Zinc can be found in at least one hundred specific enzymes and is the second most abundant metal (after iron). Zinc is known to appear in each of the enzyme classes and is necessary for animals, plants, and microorganisms.  Zinc is stored in the human brain and is capable of modulating brain excitability and is involved in learning.

Requirements and needs involving Zinc

Without zinc in our body we would barely have any sense of smell or taste and our bodies could not form or utilize insulin.  It is vital for a healthy immune system and reproduction, tissue renewal, healthy bones, teeth, and skin. It helps the liver to release vitamin A while helping maintain a healthy liver. Adding  zinc supplements to your diet insures healthy growth of the skeleton, proper brain function, and a healthy nervous system.

Zinc Citrate occurs naturally

Citric acid, an organic acid which can be found in many fruits, acts as an effective and efficient transporter of minerals in our daily diet. It is an antioxidant mineral which is essential for a multitude of enzymatic processes. Mineral citrates can be formed from bonding minerals with citric acid. It is a requirement for the formation of insulin and related activities. Zinc citrate is a naturally occurring mineral in mother’s milk. It is considered suitable for all vegans and vegetarians alike, and is beneficial for persons who have low stomach acid.

Zinc gluconate delivers the goods

A compound used in delivering zinc, gluconate works as a dietary supplement, working as an essential trace element required by humans, plants, and animals. Many biological functions owe their success to zinc and a human body contains from two to three grams of zinc which is found all throughout the body from tissues, organs, fluids, cells, and bones. Muscle and bone contain some ninety percent of the total zinc and high concentrates can be found in semen as well as the prostrate gland.

Zinc is important during pregnancy

As a human fetus grows and rapidly divides cells the need for zinc in the mother’s system is made crucial. This valuable mineral assists in warding off congenital abnormalities and aids in seeing that pregnancy through to full term. Then zinc further assists with growing children, helping their bones develop and insuring they grow strong healthy bodies.  Zinc is beneficial to women during their menstrual cycle by helping alleviate symptoms and problems with premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Males find that zinc protects their prostrate gland from infections and maintains a high sperm count and mobile healthy sperm.

Of all the vitamins and minerals, zinc may be the most necessary

Our immune system needs zinc to keep T-cells strong and capable of fighting off diseases. Low levels of zinc have been proven to blame for the human body not being capable of recognizing and fighting off certain infections. Zinc, along with vitamin C can reduce the severity and duration of the common cold.

Zinc supplements help by keeping our zinc levels high

The addition of zinc in our daily multivitamin and mineral supplement enhances our immune system and increases the odds we live a long productive life. Zinc itself activates areas in the human brain which receive and then process the information received from smell and taste sensors, allowing us to appreciate foods. Zinc has proven effective in helping treatment for anorexia.

Vital for healthy hair, nails, and skin

Skin cells show an increase in speed and efficiency of renewal when adequate amounts of zinc are in the system. Zinc creams prove valuable soothing nappy rash in babies and when healing wounds and cuts.  When applied to psoriasis or acne zinc supplements are especially effective in healing and eradicating skin problems.

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