Probiotics & Acidophilus Supplements for many digestive health concerns

When problems arise with the digestive system and particularly when diarrhea becomes involved, probiotic and acidophilus supplements may be just the remedy that will work for many of us. Probiotics have long been used and are highly recommended as being beneficial for intestinal inflammatory distress and diseases.

They are living microorganisms that are added in proper amounts to provide a healthy benefit to bacilli and yeasts that help with digestion of our food. Among sources of probiotics are soy yogurt, yogurt, or dietary supplements such as the probiotic along with acidophilus supplements proven to work in combination with our own digestive juices.

Upset the balance of our system and diarrhea occurs

When pathogen induced diarrhea becomes a problem in the human body and inflammatory chronic diseases cause upset of normal system functions, the introduction of probiotics can help by alleviating the upset of that fine balance we see in our system and bring a return of the proper systemic functioning our body appreciates.

Acidophilus works in unison with probiotics by creating a balance of non dairy ingredients that counteract any reaction to the dairy products which may be creating problems within the stomach and bowel area. Those who are lactose intolerant appreciate the addition of probiotics and acidophilus supplements into the daily diet because they eliminate the irritation those diary based products create.

Bringing the digestive system back in balance

Whenever the “gut flora” becomes unbalanced because of illness, stress, taking oral antibiotics, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), drinking or eating certain items when out of one’s familiar home (out of the country), or those bowel disorders which may be associated with older individuals, the introduction of probiotics can help by bringing the system back into balance by adding back the friendly bacteria our digestive system needs.

These healthy flora support the digestive process and play an important role in the body by detoxifying and aiding in the absorption of nutrients while synthesizing certain vitamins. There are many probiotic and nutritional supplements available for all ages including children. A powder can be mixed into a pleasant tasting dairy free drink in several flavors that are appealing to children and help when they are suffering from diarrhea or other ailments of the bowel or stomach.

A banana flavored acidophilus supplement is available that is made from freeze dried bananas and has the added benefit of providing nutritional benefits from that healthful fruit.

Human compatible bacterial strains create a balanced system

The human digestive system is a balance with nature that generally remains in control of its dietary processes. But when strange sources of bacteria are introduced, the balance can be upset creating problems such as irritable bowel and diarrhea.

The smooth function and balance can be restored by the introduction of acidophilus probiotic as they will bring back the proper and natural balance our system needs as they reduce the unfriendly bacteria, help support blood lipid levels, and provide a food source specifically designed for growth of friendly bacteria. They are bile tolerant and acid stable, suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets.

Acidophilus milk and yogurt have long been found valuable for those who are lactose intolerant, this occurring when the enzymes or lactase are unable to break down milk sugar or lactose in the intestines. This failure to digest often results in stomach cramps, discomfort, and even diarrhea.

Antibiotics kill our beneficial bacteria

When taken orally antibiotics are designed to kill off bacteria that cause us to become ill. But they also kill the beneficial bacteria our digestive system requires to do its job. Those who require an antibiotic treatment will become susceptible to stomach and intestinal irritation and an imbalanced digestion which needs to be restored to normal once the “good” bacteria have been eliminated from the system. The addition of a probiotic supplement and acidophilus will restore the dietary system back to its normal healthy balance.

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