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If you look on any drug store or health foods store shelves now days you will find there is no shortage of sports related and muscle supplements. But which ones work best? And which will work well with each other? Some are designed to work in combination while some do not.

While you do not actually need to take muscle supplements in order to build muscle they will help it get done much quicker. Think of these fitness supplements as tools that can help build a body you can feel proud of. Among the most useful muscle and sports supplements are:

Protein (muscle building amino acids)

Consisting of amino acids, protein represents the very basic of building blocks to improve on muscle by building strong tissue. The body breaks down protein in the stomach and intestines and produces amino acids which consist of valine, leucine, and isoleucine, each of which is beneficial for many body processes, particularly for building strong muscles.

Your body cannot build muscle without protein. You can find your daily dose of protein in many foods such as meat, eggs, whey, and soy. Also available in protein bars and shakes, an average person weighing about one hundred fifty pounds should consume from one hundred fifty to three hundred grams of protein every day or about one to two grams per pound. These protein supplements can be distributed throughout the day from a variety of sources.

Creatine is a naturally occurring organic acid

There have been many scientific studies conducted on creatine which demonstrated this natural organic acid’s ability to increase muscle mass, energy, and strength. It is also beneficial due to its ability to reduce mental fatigue and improve functions of the brain.

Creatine is valuable as a sport supplements addition because of its value as a supplier of energy for muscle cells used for short or quick bursts of energy (weight lifting). It is thought creatine assists by helping muscle absorb water, increasing their size. Creatine can be found in red meats and organ meats, also commonly added to protein and sports supplements.

Glutamine – most abundant of all amino acids in the body

The human body produces glutamine naturally but when strenuously exercising the necessary levels may be depleted, resulting in wasting of the muscle tissues and immune system weakness. Glutamine is an amino acid that constantly needs to be replenished because we “burn it up” while being physically active and especially when exercising. It is best replaced by adding fitness supplements to the daily dose of vitamins.

The necessary nutrients include essential fatty acids

Bodybuilders who consume mostly a low fat diet may actually become “fat deficient”. When this occurs the cells of muscles lose their ability to stretch and grow. Adding fatty fish to the diet is beneficial and taking muscle supplements with Omega 3 fish oils every day will insure your body has sufficient amounts of those necessary essential fatty acids.

Testosterone boosters build muscle tissue

Among the many vitamins and plants occurring naturally, plus some synthetically created chemicals are products that aid body builders and work as a weight gain supplement known to boost testosterone levels. Some new drug supplements have been shown to increase testosterone-estrogen levels.

Body builders who often use prohormone or steroids find some of these new formulas are useful in counteracting the testicular suppression commonly found in those who consistently use steroids. Some of the more commonly used muscle supplements include Tribulus terrestris and ZMA.

Increasing metabolic rates with thermogenic products

The manufacturers of thermogenic supplements state they help boost the metabolic rate by increasing body temperature which then burns body fat more quickly. When many of the products were banned they were replaced by safer products like citrus aurantium (this product contains synephrine) and bitter orange in place of ephedrine. They are considered safe fitness supplements.

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