Supplements for Detoxification Begin With Water Vitamins and Minerals

Many doctors and alternative health care specialists recommend periodic “cleansing” or detoxification of the body. A good detox cleanser is meant to remove many of the toxic substances that build up in our digestive system due to eating “junk” foods and invasion from environmental toxins that enter our body in some way. A combination of herbal remedies, proper diet, and certain foods and liquids designed to flush out our body can be used effectively and safely.

Take a quiz to determine if your body needs a detox plan

Ask yourself the following questions and then review the answers: Do I feel tired, lethargic, and just plain sluggish often? Do I catch colds easily and often? Do I have problems with concentration or remaining focused? Do I have halitosis (bad breath)?Do I have allergies? Do I normally have dark circles beneath my eyes?

Do I have acne, psoriasis, or signs of eczema? Do I have body odor that may be offensive when not using deodorant? Am I constipated (have bowel movements less than once per day)? Do I often look puffy or feel bloated? If the answer given to most of the questions is a yes you most likely can benefit significantly from a detoxification or detox cleanse and beginning a detox diet may help relieve most of those problems before they become serious issues for your health.

Multivitamin and mineral supplements for a daily detox diet

Taking a multiple vitamin along with a low dose mineral supplement daily can help keep your body in balance and prove beneficial when you decide to detox your body. The entire body will benefit from a good occasional detoxification, especially your colon and liver need a cleansing from time to time.

By taking multivitamins plus mineral supplements you can be assured that you are receiving enough of the valuable B vitamins as well as calcium, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium, and potassium to make up for what will flush from your system when undertaking a colon detox.

Eliminate, cleanse, and enhance circulation with colon cleanser

A colon cleanser is very useful in order to remove many of the toxins that build up in both the large and small intestines over time. These toxic ingredients will cause the colon and entire digestive system to become sluggish and ineffective. Clearing out the debris will insure healthy activity and regularity in the bowels. The body has a filtering system to protect itself from harmful toxins and that is found in the liver. Liver cleansing is vital for fighting off infections and viruses and to promote optimum health at all ages.

Supplements for detoxification include natural ingredients

While herbal and or pharmaceutical laxatives are useful for a thorough colon cleansing and liver detox, adding supplements for detoxification will insure a complete cleansing of the systems. Combinations of ingredients like plenty of fiber, acidophilus cultures, Aloe Vera powder, buckthorn, dandelion, licorice, senna leaf, and rhubarb root have shown to be excellent at thoroughly cleansing the body, eliminating most if not all of the toxic chemicals and “debris” from our body.

Insuring a healthy body, inside and out

Eating a diet high in fiber will help keep the body in good health and remove the toxicity the human body tends to collect even if the daily diet is generally good (not loaded down with highly processed foods or fast foods).

Some prescribe to a weekly scheduled enema, usually consisting of colonic water irrigations or various herbs or even coffee as the main ingredient. An exercise program and plenty of physical activity help assure the entire system is functioning properly, and the detox plan will be complete. 

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