Garlic - Allicin

Garlic is a strong and celebrated flavour in many food dishes, but it offers us more than its pungent taste. Garlic has been used for years for its medicinal properties. For example, Roman labourers ate garlic because they believed it helped to improve their strength and physical stamina.

With such a demanding job they needed all the endurance they could get. In the 20th century garlic was used to fight off the influenza pandemic that was occurring. In other words, it was believed to cure the flu! Recent research has discovered the presence of allicin, the main biological compound present in garlic.

Scientists believe that it is actually the allicin that is responsible for any health benefits that may be associated with garlic. Allicin has antibiotic properties and is a great anti-fungal agent. They say that garlic also helps to balance out healthy bacteria levels in the stomach when taken in moderation.

It is also widely known to greatly help with heart and cardiovascular function. You can include some crushed garlic in your meals or choose to take freeze-dried herbal supplements.  

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