Libido and Sexual Health

Supplements available for Libido & Sexual Health Improvement

Both men and women can be affected by a loss of libido from time to time. Women who are pregnant or shortly after childbirth may find their desire lacking but it should only be a temporary hormonal problem that will solve itself once the hormones get back in balance.

Women libido problems can however become an important issue in a happy marriage if she cannot eventually get back in the mood. Male impotence is also of concern if he finds the lack of sexual satisfaction is no longer important. Many of the herbal and natural sexual supplements act by improving blood flow.

Herbs are useful in treating libido problems

Among the various herbs found to be successful in the treatment of loss of libido in both men and women are ginseng, life root, and groundsel. These valuable herbal supplements help by restoring the adrenal, endocrine, and nervous systems to normal levels and additionally prove helpful by reducing hot flashes and other menopausal induced problems.

A few plants that have the reputation of aiding in libido improvement include nutmeg, Spanish fly, saffron crocus, yohimbe and priya-darsa (aphrodisiacs). Not exactly considered exact science these ingredients are part of folk lore, many of which have proven effectiveness.

Ginseng has many compounds unique to this valuable herbal supplement

One of the most commonly available herbal supplement, ginseng is comprised of high quality ingredients that must not be over processed as they will lose some of their effectiveness. Valuable as a libido enhancer ginseng is also finding usefulness in treatment for chronic fatigue symptoms. The adrenal glands, which lie near our kidneys, are affected by ginseng and aid in stress fighting capabilities.

Life Root goes by many names, all herbs of benefit

The herb called life root has other names including golden senecio, ragwort, squaw weed, and false valerian.  This herbal medicine aids women affected by problems related to menstruation and some of the affects of menopause in women. In the case of women libido problems, the lack of progesterone complicates sexual issues and compounds other problems related to a woman’s loss of libido.

Women who lack a proper amount of progesterone in their system generally have been found to be depressed, retain an over abundance of water, develop dry wrinkled skin, fibrocystic breast, and heavy or irregular periods. When women take a supplement of progesterone they find their sex drive returning, their skin improving, and they are capable of losing weight.

Groundsel works in a similar fashion to life root

Another herbal ingredient that has proven beneficial qualities for cases of loss of libido in women is groundsel. It relieves intense menstrual pain, helps tone the uterus, calms the nerves, and reduces PMS symptoms in women who suffer from that malady, increases the libido, and alleviates problems in the urinary tract.

Another supplement for loss of libido is found in gingko

Gingko has many of the same qualities found in the ever popular ginseng and can be made into a tonic that benefits the body in many ways. It is a proven stress as well as fatigue reliever and those two are major passion killers that contribute to cases of male impotence. Gingko appears to normalize imbalances in hormone levels while increasing the metabolic rate and improves blood flow to the genitals.

L Arginine improves blood flow and treats erectile dysfunction

Often referred to as nature’s own Viagra, this amino acid improves many body functions. Helping to rid the body of ammonia and can be converted into glycogen and glucose if necessary. L Arginine produces nitric oxide and that is critical in the process of sexual erection. It affects blood vessels and also helps in cases of atherosclerosis.

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