Who are G&G?

G&G first started producing food supplements in 1965 in East Grinstead Sussex. They have grown substantially since, producing a wide range of quality nutritional supplements to suit many conditions. By the late 1970’s the company had taken over a shop in the town of East Grinstead, on the High Street, where it combined retail sales with a burgeoning mail order business. G&G's insistence on the highest quality standards gradually evolved to the purchase of a 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility on the outskirts of the town.

From here they commenced their own manufacturing and developed the Trufil™ capsule, a process which meant absolutely no fillers or excipients were added to any formula. G&G now offer totally vegetarian capsules across all products provided; they were also the first company in the UK to be licensed by the Soil Association to produce organic encapsulated herbs. Nearly all their products are KOSHER APPROVED.

Why do we support G&G?

G&G's Steady growth necessitated a further move and in 1997 a 31,000 square foot facility was purchased. Amongst further advancements in the company’s manufacturing procedures, there was the establishment of a pharmaceutical standard ‘Clean Room’. The company’s launch in 2004 of EssentialFood™, heralded the most complete certified organic functional food product anywhere in the world.


A powdered blend of calcium and magnesium together with organic cider vinegar. This combination delivers these important elements as acetates thus allowing the body to easily absorb them.

Kid's Rainbow Food

Organic plant-based formula comprising of coloured vegetables and fruit together with live bacteria.

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