Liver & Kidney

Supplements for Liver and Kidney

It has been called the body’s filtration system, purging the system of impurities before they cause damage to any vital organs. Both the liver and kidneys are constantly working to effectively remove those impurities.

But many people do not give these vital organs the care they deserve. They get no respect and gain very little notice until a notable warning sign such as a kidney stone occurs. A liver cleanse should be a part of anyone's health regime.

Liver function depends on getting antioxidant nutrients

In order for the liver to do its job of filtering out impurities from our body it requires a continuing supply of anti-oxidant nutrients. Oxidants are cell destroyers that, if allowed to multiply out of control, will allow potentially toxic amounts of chemicals to cause damage to our cell structure both inside and outside the body. Liver health can determine how well our body fights off many diseases including cancer.

Obviously the liver requires large quantities of nutrients and energy to do its job effectively. The metabolic activities performed by the liver are vital to life and health.

Some of the functions of a healthy liver are not so obvious

The liver detoxifies toxic chemicals that can be potentially harmful, including toxins and alcohol which can be destructive to valuable intestinal microbes. This is accomplished with enzymes such as glutathione and antioxidant nutrients.

The liver also stores sugar to be used as glycogen, valuable in maintaining blood sugar levels. Protein is produced and stored along with substances which are involved with proper protein metabolism.  

A proper liver cleanse will help yet another function which is its ability to produce blood proteins to aid in the clotting factor and other substances vital to the production of red blood cells. Liver additionally regulates many of the body’s hormones and stores vitamins including A and D, as well as vitamin B12. Free radicals, highly reactive oxygen in molecule form are damaging to tissues, and the liver helps by neutralizing them with doses of antioxidants.

Potentially deadly chemicals attack our body daily

Modern chemicals constantly inflict damage on our body and it is up to the kidneys and liver to guard against harm caused by household cleaners, cosmetics, building materials, pharmaceutical drugs, household furnishings, and personal care items which contain chemicals dangerous to our health and welfare.

Because of these potentially deadly chemicals we must peform a liver detox to assure our filtration system is functioning at its best. This includes caring for our kidneys by keeping them flushed thoroughly.

Cranberry juice is well know to be beneficial to our kidneys as well as Glutathione which is an excellent antioxidant enzyme that aids in keeping the body safe from free radical damage. An important enzyme, Glutathione protects cells and cell structure from those harmful environmental toxins along with the natural toxins our body produces as a normal result of metabolism. Without this vital enzyme our cells will die.

Kidneys purify our blood and flush out the impurities

Without our kidneys we could not survive. Their job is to filter the impurities from our blood stream and then flush those toxins from the body in the form of urine. Without them the toxins would build up quickly and cause damage to the body.  

As blood flows to our kidneys they remove toxic chemicals and waste, returning the purified blood back to the system while eliminating the harmful waste matter by sending it on to the bladder. Kidneys additionally release vital hormones and regulate our body’s PH balance. Potassium and sodium are regulated and the result is a balance of vital substances within our body. Kidney and liver cleansing contribute to our quality of life and keep us healthy for a lifetime when those vital organs are kept healthy. 

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