A Remedy for Stress May be Found in Supplements

We all feel stressed from time to time but those who have extremely stressful occupations will find they suffer from it nearly all the time and seek out some available forms of stress remedies for the sake of their sanity. Stress is usually classified as a nervous reaction to recurring or constant environmental issues beyond our control.

While we cannot always control the cause of our stress it can be relieved or even eliminated by use of stress vitamins as well as various stress remedies contained in supplements.

Ginseng is an old remedy with effective results

Often referred to as an adaptogen, ginseng help our body deal with day to day stressful situations and is a proven, effective, and popular herbal root which is in widespread use.

There are several types of ginseng: Asian, American, and Siberian which each have valuable properties. Both Asian and American ginseng help by boosting our immune system, improve our mental performance, and reducing risks involved with cancer.  

The Siberian variety is different structurally and produces somewhat different effects than the other two. Each is considered to be a medicinal herb with proven value in stress reduction. You can find some form of ginseng in many stress remedies and supplements.

Brewer’s yeast has many uses beyond making beer

Among its many uses, brewer’s yeast is found in nutritional supplements and is a valuable source of minerals. Chromium, selenium, protein, along with many of the B complex vitamins can be found in brewer’s yeast. As an aid in combating stress, brewer’s yeast supports the nervous system while helping digestive muscles do their job.

The B vitamins are what actually contribute to the relief of stress and are found in generous supply in many stress vitamins and stress remedies such as brewer’s yeast.

Kava kava is another root that benefits stressful conditions

Used for purposes of ceremonial drinks for hundreds of years in the Pacific Islands, Kava kava is also ground up into a pulp then added to water which creates a thick brew known for its relaxing properties. It elevates the mood and gives one the feeling of contentment and well being while relaxing the mind and body. As a natural ingredient Kava kava can be found in many stress remedies. It also acts as treatment of insomnia, anxiety, and many nervous disorders.

German and Roman chamomile calm frayed nerves and insomnia

Chamomile can be found in two different species which are both used for treatment of the same disorders. German chamomile is by far the more popular choice but the Roman (or English) variety is just as effective in treating various nervous disorders including stress, insomnia, and anxiety.

As one of the more helpful stress remedies, chamomile is also used in the treatment of several medical conditions. Those who suffer from sore throats, chest colds, psoriasis, and abscesses can find relief when taking supplements containing chamomile.

St. John’s Wort has much to offer in stress relief

The herbal stress reliever we call St. John’s Wort, also known as Hypericum perforatum acts as an inhibitor of enzymes such as monoamine oxidase. It does this by affecting the metabolism of nor adrenaline and serotonin.

Serotonin is a recognized mood stabilizer while nor adrenaline helps us by preventing exhaustion. St. John’s Wort works by increasing endorphin levels, known as effective mood stabilizers and pain killers.

The most effective stress remedies can be found in combinations

To work most effectively there are many vitamins and herbs which are combined into various formulas that work well as stress remedies and help alleviate the day to day stressful conditions. While the cause of stress may not entirely be eliminated, particularly when it is job related, the various remedies taken can help cope with the symptoms.

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