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Pharma Nord Bio Glucosamine MEGA 60 tablets

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Pharma Nord Bio Glucosamine MEGA

Glucosamine sulphate and chondroitin sulphate extract are key structural components in cartilage and may play an important role in the maintenance of joint cartilage. It includes 500mg glucosamine and 400mg chondroitin

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Pharma Nord Bio Glucosamine MEGA

How much should you take?
As there are no dietary sources of Glucosamine there is no Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). The daily intake recommended by Pharma Nord is based on data published in scientific journals focusing on over 20 clinical trials investigating the beneficial effects of glucosamine sulphate in those with arthritis.

Pharma Nord recommends one - three tablets daily, to be taken with food.

Which is the best from to take?

With Bio-Glucosamine MEGA, there is no risk of B.S.E, as the Chondroitin in Bio-Glucosamine Plus is derived, not cattle as in many other preparations.
Of the various forms in which Glucosamine may be available, Glucosamine sulphate is the most readily absorbed (>90%) from the digestive tract, and the most readily incorporated into joint tissues.

Are there any contra-indications with Pharma Nord Bio Glucosamine MEGA?
Bio-Glucosamine MEGA is generally well tolerated but may rarely cause gastrointestinal disturbance in susceptible individuals.
Pharma Nord Bio Glucosamine MEGA is not recommended for children and should not be taken by pregnant or lactating women.
Not suitable for those with an allergy to shell fish products.
Not suitable for vegetarians.

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