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Puretone Audimed Sound Oasis Sound Generator

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Puretone Audimed Sound Oasis Sound Generator

The tinnitus sound machine from Sound Oasis gives you the best selection of sounds developed for tinnitus relief plus the ability to customise the sound card to your preference. They’ve taken one of their most popular sound machines, reinvented it and made it better than ever.

The Sound Oasis Tinnitus sound machine features a Micro SD card containing 24 pre-recorded sounds: Ocean Surf, Ocean Surf with White Noise, Thunderstorm, Gentle rain, Rain with White Noise, Stream, Stream with White Noise, Natural White Noise, Pink Noise, Grey Noise, Ocean Surf with Delta Waves, Oceans and Crickets, Woodlands, Hawaiian Waves, White Noise, White Noise 4K, White Noise 8K, Full Spectrum, Thera1 1k-10k, Thera 2 1k-10k, Thera 3 1k to 10k, Thera 2k-k, Thera 2.5k to 5k, Thera 9k -3.2k

The Micro SD card can also be overwritten with your own choice of comforting sounds.

Innovations include:

World leading sound quality
Sleep & nature sounds now play at higher quality than a CD to immerse you in relaxing audio.

Seamless Sleep Enhance experience
Patented Sleep Enhance is made even more effective through advanced sound processing so you don’t even notice the sounds gradually slowing allowing you to gently slip into restful sleep.

Improved clock and alarm setting features
It’s easier than ever to set up.

Refreshed appearance
New sleek look, black design.

USB or battery powered
This sound machine is supplied with an AC power adaptor, it can also be powered by a standard USB adapter or 4 AA batteries (not included).

Product dimensions:
Width: 120mm
Height: 150mm
Depth: 90mm
Weight: 440g

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