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Nutrigold Iron Plus15mg 60 capsules

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Nutrigold Iron

Iron (micro-mineral)
Official and suggested daily intake levels:

The Government’s RDA level for iron is 14mg (elemental weight). However we feel there are definitely two distinct optimum levels for iron; for males we would recommend 5mg daily and for women 10mg daily, with a high requirement for women in their reproductive years. However, in specific cases where one is trying to support the body’s haem iron levels, I.e. in pregnancy you may need higher levels than this. To obtain the very best out of any iron supplement we recommend that you take an antioxidant with it, normally vitamin C. We recommend our Oxycell.
Biological function:

Many of the key biological functions of iron depend on its high redox potential and the ability to switch rapidly between the ferrous and ferric forms. The majority of functional iron in the body is bound to the haem proteins, such as haemoglobin, myoglobin and cytochromes, which are involved in oxygen transport or mitochondrial electron transport. Many other enzymes also contain or require iron for their biological function.

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Nutrigold Iron

Iron as ferrous gluconate  15mg

Vitamins C as ascorbic acid  60mg

Vitamin A as retinyl acetate 75mcg

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