Vitamin Supplements

Many Everyday Vitamin Supplements Keep Us Healthy and Stress Free

With all of the mineral and vitamin supplements available on supermarket and health food store shelves we have helpful and healthy pills, capsules, and liquids designed to cover our every malady or illness, with plenty left over for just plain everyday maintenance of our body and our mind. Some pills work best for some things while they may offer no benefit for others. Looking into what is best for certain situations is best left up to medical professionals but we can look into a few useful vitamins and food additives to show how and why they help prevent or reduce stress and its symptoms. 

Stress is a major contributor to illness

Stress affects each of us from time to time and particularly in certain occupations such as policeman, school teachers, and even company CEO’s. Each job has its share of stressful situations and those who feel the effects will often be tired even to the point of exhaustion. Stress causes our body to work overtime. Heart rate is elevated along with blood pressure. Nerves are on edge and temper is often short, causing us to feel out of control. Some useful vitamins and supplements that can help include:

Ginseng is an “adaptogen”

An old proven remedy for stress is found in the herbal root known as ginseng, which is known as an adaptogenic substance. That means it is capable of normalizing body functions while strengthening our bodies system which have been harmed by stress and stressful situations. Considered a valuable daily additive to our diet, ginseng is as old as Asian medicine itself and has been proven useful for many human ills including cancer and impairments to our immune system. There are several basic varieties of ginseng, Siberian, Asian, and American. The American and Asian varieties give our immune system a boost, improve mental performance, and have been known to reduce the risk of developing many cancers. The Siberian ginseng available is somewhat different in structure, producing different effects. They are all considered to be medicinal herbs and valuable additions to our everyday vitamin supplement.

Kava kava another stress relieving root

A root found on some Pacific islands, Kava kava can be ground into a pulp, added to water or other liquid to form a thick brew and drank for the purpose of relaxing and elevating the mood. Not to be confused with a hypnotic drug, kava kava is simply a natural ingredient meant to relieve stress easily and in a natural fashion. It also has proven value in treating anxiety, insomnia, and associated nervous disorders.

Brewer’s yeast contains many of the B-complex vitamins

Found in many vitamin supplements on the market, brewer’s yeast is a valuable source of minerals. Containing selenium, protein, and chromium among others plus many of the B vitamins, brewer’s yeast supports the nervous system as it helps digestive muscles work. B vitamins are noted to be stress relievers and are commonly found in most mineral, vitamins and supplement to be taken on a daily basis.

Chamomile helps insomnia and calms frayed nerves

Chamomile comes in two varieties, both of which are beneficial as treatment for stress and nervousness as well as insomnia. German chamomile is the more popular and well known but English or Roman chamomile is equally as effective in treatment for stress, nervous conditions, anxiety, and insomnia. Colds, sore throats, abscesses, psoriasis, and other medical conditions benefit from a daily supplement that contains some form of chamomile.

St. John’s Wort is a controversial yet powerfully effective stress reliever

Known as Hypericum perforatum, St. John’s Wort affects the metabolism of serotonin and nor adrenaline, and acts as an inhibitor of certain enzymes that create stress in our nervous system. It increases endorphin levels which level our moods and relieve pain.