Superfood - Nutrient Rich Mushrooms

Superfood - Nutrient Rich Mushrooms

If different types of health giving mushrooms such as Shiitake mushrooms are going to start getting a share of the modern 8 billion euro global cardiovascular market, they need to start thinking of new ways to boost their marketing potential says the Euromonitor International.
Numerous different styles of scientific studies have shown many ways in which Shiitake mushrooms have a great ability to lower cholesterol and benefit a person’s overall health.

Analyst Emily Woon says that this fact still remains virtually unknown to the increasing consumer base that is always on the lookout for heart healthy products and the knowledge of how much this simple food can increase your health needs to be better advertised and marketed.In much the same way that olive oil and oats are beneficial to keeping a healthy heart, shiitake mushrooms are in the superfood group.

As well as shiitakes, there are other mushrooms that remain underrated due to a lack of proper promotion in the field. Eurominter’s mini sector analysis showed these mushrooms to contain various different nutrients including folic acid, potassium, B vitamins, phosphorous, vitamin D, magnesium and fibre.As well as being good for heart health, mushrooms and their extracts are shown to benefit immunity, weight management and bone health. Mushrooms in the US have had UV lights applied to them in order to increase their vitamin D content by up to 8 times. Due to the fact that mushrooms are a fairly meat-like vegetable, they can easily replace meats as a less calorific and lower fat alternative, acting as a satisfying main ingredient for a meal.

Woon explains that mushroom extract are able to help maintain and modulate the immune functions of the human body. She notes that it has been a consistent uphill battle and taken a large amount of investment in order to inform the consumers in the US that by ingesting live bacteria they can benefit their health. It is often thought to be easier to market mushroom based ingredients rather than the actual vegetable.The number of functional ingredients and nutrients that can be gained from all varieties of mushrooms is much greater than people are generally aware of. You can gain many benefits in almost all areas of human health by ingesting the numerous forms of active nutrients in varieties of mushrooms.

There are numerous scientific studies which demonstrate in different ways the health giving benefits of different types of fungi. These scientific studies include various aspects of antibacterial, antiviral, antithrombotic and even anticarcinogenic properties related to the health benefits of fungi. Emily Woon goes on to say that, as a concept, it should not be a great change for people to start seeing all the different sorts of natural fungi as a great source of all the different health giving benefits they may desire. The various potent and active functional ingredients and nutrients that are present in the vegetable can be gained quickly and easily through simple ingestion of these healthy products or their various derivatives.