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Nutrigold Golden Aloe Vera Cold Pressed Double Strength 1Litre

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Nutrigold Golden Aloe Vera Cold Pressed Double Strength

HFMA approved Golden Aloe juice is produced from the whole leaf (not diluted or reconstituted from Aloe powder) using cutting-edge cold-press processing, which also removes aloin. The resulting Golden Aloe juice contains 2-3% solids compared to 0.5% solids from some other preparations.

The natural choice for high quality biologically active whole-leaf Aloe Vera
So why is Golden Aloe recognised to be such a great product and the complementary health practitioner's natural choice?

We at Nutrigold believe that Nutrigold Golden Aloe Vera Cold Pressed Double Strength is one of the highest quality Aloe Vera products on the market. We manufacture this unique product in only the highest quality processing facilities and it is produced using only the finest quality, Aloe Barbadensis Miller plant leaves.

In our view it is important to only source our product from the Aloe Barbadensis Miller variety of Aloe Vera plant. This is a very special species that is normally used in high quality internal use Aloe Vera products.

It is also the only species we are aware of that has a large amount of scientific and safety research to support it's use.

At Nutrigold we do not use any other species of Aloe Vera Nutrigold Golden Aloe Vera Cold Pressed Double Strength.

Harvesting & Processing

We start by carefully selecting only the very best Aloe Barbadensis Miller plants, that have been grown to well recognised standards. The Aloe plant begins as a cutting from the mother plant and is planted in chemical-free soil in areas of the world that offer a humid environment. Aloe Vera is not, as it is commonly thought, a cactus, it is part of the lily family and is a succulent that receives 80% of its moisture from the atmosphere. The Aloe Vera plant maintains itself, so fertilisers and pesticides are not needed during its growth to maturity. It takes an average of eighteen months for an Aloe plant to reach maturity and a stage where the leaves are ready for their first harvest.

When we harvest the Aloe Vera plant we will take between six to eight leaves from a fully mature plant. With excellent growing conditions, it may be possible to harvest these plants twice a year. The mature plant will produce leaves for five to six years before being tilled into the ground for new plantings. The leaves are harvested by hand cutting at the base of the plant. They are placed in baskets and loaded on to a trailer that transports them to the processing facility. The time from harvest and transport to the process facility is less than two hours. Timing plays a critical role in maintaining the biological activity of the plant leaf. Nutrigold Golden Aloe Vera Cold Pressed Double Strength, when only the best will do.

More Information
Further Information

More info on Nutrigold Golden Aloe Vera Cold Pressed Double Strength

Why use whole-leaf Aloe Vera?

Many Aloe Vera products are simply made from the inner gel of the leaf. These are good products in their own right, but they contain far less of the solids that whole-leaf Aloe Vera offers. These important solids are responsible for delivering the properties associated with good quality Aloe Vera such as Nutrigold Golden Aloe Vera Cold Pressed Double Strength

The art of whole-leaf extraction

The process we use to produce every bottle of our premium quality Golden Aloe extract is one of the first of its kind. It has successfully set a new industry standard in the way we can now deliver a highly biologically active, whole-leaf extract, without the normal harsh extraction processes often used to break down the harder rind of the aloe plant. Unusually this is achieved without any significant loss of biological activity, which is what we feel sets Golden Aloe apart from many of its competition. This revolutionary process also reduces the levels of an undesirable component known as aloin (the laxative part of the Aloe Vera plant) while still delivering the maximum level of the all-important biological activity and potency.
Golden Aloe - Better by design

At Nutrigold, we believe Nutrigold Golden Aloe Vera Cold Pressed Double Strength is in many ways superior to many of the other Aloe Vera products offered in the market place. The new process used to manufacture our Golden Aloe marks a quantum leap forward in the handling and processing of Aloe Vera products and once again, Nutrigold are at the cutting edge of this breakthrough.

"Allocation of this kite mark demonstrates that Nutrigold Golden Aloe Vera conforms to the Health Food Manufacturers' Association standards for Aloe Vera juice."

Quality assured - using the most up-to-date testing methods available to ascertain the quality of the Aloe Vera
NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy) tested to identify that the product is unadulterated Aloe Vera
HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) tested to ensure compliance with EU regulation on aloin.

Ingredients for Nutrigold Golden Aloe Vera Cold Pressed Double Strength


Active ingredients:Whole leaf Aloe Vera (Barbadensis Miller) juice (99.7%)

Directions for use for Nutrigold Golden Aloe Vera Cold Pressed Double Strength

Recommended daily intake:

10-50ml taken directly or mixed with water or juice. Shake well before use. This is a natural product so appearance may vary between batches.


Do not take if pregnant or planning pregnancy or breastfeeding. 
Suggested combinations:Colex and Pro-otic® or Detox Nutritional Support Programme.

Storage instructions: Once opened, store in fridge. Consume within 2 months of opening. 

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