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Solo Nutrition MultiFifty

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Solo Nutrition MultiFifty 60 capsules

MultiFifty is a super high potency multivitamin which is packed with 50 nutrients and 50mg Co-Enzyme Q10 to help energise and support your body.

MultiFifty has the benefit of 50mg Co-Enzyme Q10, 100mg of Vitamin C, the full complement of B-vitamins and packed with vital nutrients. Enzyme activated for better utilisation and absorption.

If your starting to exercise and pushing yourself, then make sure you keep your energy levels consistent. Why is Multififty good for you? It’s an Energy Producer – CoEnzyme Q10 is found in every cell of your body, and is vital in the production of energy within those cells. Co-Enzyme Q10 is essential for the health of all cells, organs and tissues.

It is a powerful antioxidant and may help destroy free radicals in the body. Its unique role in energy production has particular importance for everyone. The heart and the liver contain the highest levels of Co-Enzyme Q10 in the body. To help maintain your hearts health, make sure you take Co-Enzyme Q10 daily.

Co-Enzyme Q10 may help with weight loss because it helps stimulate the body’s metabolism. It is an essential substance in cell respiration, electron transfer, ATP production, and the control of oxidation reactions

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Ingredients for Solo Nutrition MultiFifty

Nutritional Information: One (1) vegetarian capsule provides:

Vegetable cellulose capsules 125mg
Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbate) 100mg
Vitamin E (d-alpha Tocopheryl Succinate 60.5iu) 50mg
Co-Enzyme Q10 50mg
Vitamin B1 Thiamin HCL 20mg
Vitamin B2 Riboflavin 20mg
Vitamin B3 Nicotinamide 20mg
Vitamin B5 Calcium Pantothenate 20mg
Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine HCL 20mg
Zinc (Citrate) 15mg
Iron (Bisglycinate) 14mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid 10mg
Betaine HCL 10mg
Bioflavonoids (Bilberry extract 4: 1) 10mg
Bromelain (1.10) 10mg
Calcium (Citrate) 10mg
Choline Bitartrate 10mg
Inositol 10mg
Magnesium (Citrate) 10mg
PABA (Para-Aminobenzoic Acid) 10mg
Quercetin 10mg
Rutin 10mg
L-Glutamic Acid 5mg
Hesperidin complex 5mg
Manganese (Gluconate) 5mg
Potassium (Citrate) 5mg
Taurine 5mg
Raw organic Alfalfa Herb powder 1mg
Amylase 1mg
Astragalus Root powder 1mg
Boron (Amino Acid Chelate) 1mg
Copper (Gluconate) 1mg
Lipase 1 0,000 units/gm 1mg
Lutein 5% 1mg
Oat Bran 1mg
L-Ornithine HCL 1mg
Plantain Leaf powder 1mg
Protease 1mg
Spirulina powder 1mg
Watercress powder 1mg
Natural Beta Carotene / Carotenoid mix 1mg
(from Dunaliella Salina Algae) equiv. to Vitamin A. 149.9µg providing typical analysis: Beta Carotene 900µg, Alpha Carotene 28.4µg
Cryptoxanthin 7.02µg, Zeaxanthin 5.76µg, Lutein4.5µg
Vitamin A 800µg
Biotin pure 500µg
Folic Acid 400µg
L-Glutathione (reduced) 250µg
L-Methionine 250µg
Chromium (Picolinate) 150µg
Iodine (Potassium Iodine) 150µg
Selenium (Methionine) 150µg
Vitamin K 1 50µg
Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin 25µg
Vitamin D2 Ergocalciferol (Vegetarian) 10µg
In a herbal base of Alfalfa, Oat Bran, Spirulina & Watercress.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Hypoallergenic formula 100% active ingredients.

Contains NO: gluten, wheat, lactose, dairy, added sugars, added salt, preservative, colourings, yeast or starch.

Directions for use:
As a food supplement for adults, take one (1) vegetarian capsules daily with food or as directed by a health care professional.

Tamper-resistant outer and cap seal for your added security. Do not use if either are broken.
Freshness and potency assured if stored in a cool dry place.

Keep out of sight and reach of children. Not for use during pregnancy or lactation, unless directed by a health care professional.

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