Pharma Nord Bio Biloba 60 tablets

Pharma Nord Bio Biloba 60 tablets
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You will earn 190 VFL Loyalty Points for buying this product

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Pharma Nord Bio Biloba

Ginkgo biloba, also known as the maidenhair tree, is one of the world’s oldest living tree species. Once widely distributed, this species was almost destroyed during the last Ice Age in all regions of the world except China, where it has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for several thousand years. Leaves of Ginkgo biloba are used to prepare an extract, the main active ingredients of which are chemical substances called flavone glycosides and terpene lactones. The composition of commercially available extracts of Ginkgo biloba may vary; extracts should be standardized to contain 24% flavone glycosides and 6% terpene lactones. Unprocessed leaves should not be used (e.g. in teas), as they contain chemicals (removed during processing) which can trigger allergic reactions. Pharma Nord Bio Biloba is one of the best gonkgo biloba products on the market today.

What does Pharma Nord Bio Biloba do?
Ginkgo biloba extract helps to maintain healthy blood circulation and cardiovascular function, particularly healthy blood vesseltone and elasticity, and healthy blood platelet aggregation. Maintenance of healthy blood supply to the brain helps to preserve mental function in the elderly. Ginkgo biloba extract also has powerful antioxidant activity, helping to maintain the body’s defences in protecting tissues (particularly brain tissue) from free radical induced damage.

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Pharma Nord Bio Biloba

How much Ginkgo Biloba should you take?
The generally recommended intake for Ginkgo biloba (standardized extract) is 40-80 mg 2-3 times daily.

Are there adverse effects from taking Pharma Nord Bio Biloba?
Ginkgo biloba is generally well tolerated, with no significant adverse effects reported during use; gastrointestinal disturbance or headaches may occasionally occur in susceptible individuals. Supplements containing Ginkgo biloba extract should be taken with caution by patients prescribed anti-coagulant drugs (e.g. aspirin, warfarin). The toxicity of Ginkgo biloba extract is very low.

About Pharma-Nord Bio-Biloba

Each tablet of Pharma-Nord Bio-Biloba contains 100mg of standardized Ginkgo biloba extract, with a guaranteed content of 24mg flavone glycosides and 6mg terpene lactones. Pharma-Nord recommends 1-2 tablets/day. Bio-Biloba is manufactured under Danish pharmaceutical control.