Nutrigold Superlec Plus 200g

Nutrigold Superlec Plus 200g
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Nutrigold Superlec Powder 200g

Superlec Plus is a powder mix of natural lecithin, delivering high potency (30%) phosphatidyl choline and plant sterols including beta-sitosterol. A daily intake of at least 0.8g plant sterols contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. Superlec Plus powder is easily blended into food, juices or smoothies.

Support your liver with these natural, high potency lecithin powder!
Lecithin is one of the most popular traditional food supplements sold in the UK and yet we seem to know so little about it.

What is lecithin?

Lecithin has been for many years, and still is today, one of the most popular food supplements offered in the health food market. The fact that lecithin is a B Vitamin is often unknown, let alone it’s important biological function as an emulsifier and mobiliser of fats in liver tissue, offering our bodies the opportunity to combine oil and water. This allows us to get the most out of the essential fatty acid sources of Omega-3, 6 & 9 oils. Maybe even more concerning, considering so much lecithin is sold in the UK each year, is the fact that so many consumers are totally unaware of what makes a good lecithin product.

Phosphatidyl choline

The term lecithin is the common name used to describe a very special group of phospholipids, however, the key one of these is known as phosphatidyl choline, so when making a choice of which lecithin to purchase, consumers should always compare the levels of this all important active ingredient. Many of the products on offer may look like good value for money, with large bottles of lecithin at seemingly low prices, however, when you look closer at how much phosphatidyl choline they contain, it is often very low, 12% or less. Nutrigold Superlec Powder is one of the most potent natural lecithins on the market which on average delivers 30% phosphatidyl choline.

Non-bleached lecithin granules

It is important to note that many lecithin products are bleached to make them more consumer friendly, so they will not discolour with age and every batch will look the same for consumer compliance. However, at Nutrigold we believe this is a bad idea, as there may be possible issues with the increased levels of peroxides in the product, which we feel may not be a good idea when you are trying to support liver function. It is for this reason that we do not bleach our high phosphatidyl choline Superlec product. So please note that our product will change colour with age, this is a natural process that will not retard the effectiveness of this product below it's stated product shelf life.

A nice way to start the day, either as part of a colon support programme or as a daily food supplement, is to put Flaxseed Oil, Nutrigold Superlec Powder and Pro-otic® into a smoothie. To do this, put half a fresh mango, one organic banana and some blue berries in a blender with one - two dessert spoons of Flaxseed Oil and one - two teaspoons of Superlec, open two capsules of Pro-otic® and put these in the blender, then simply blend and serve. Congratulations, you will have created a delicious and healthy smoothie to start your day. Do this for one week and see the difference for yourself!

Further Information

More info Nutrigold Superlec Powder

Active ingredients delivered per teaspoon (approx 3g):

Active ingredients deliveredper teaspoon (approx 5g):

Lecithin 4500mg


Phosphatidylcholine 1350mg

Phosphatidylinositol 540mg

Phytosterols 500mg

Providing minimum:

Beta Sitosterol 225mg

Stigmasterol 100mg

Campesterol 100mg

Brassicasterol (max) 10mg

Pot contains silica sachet to aid stability of  product. Do not consume sachet.

We believe that Nutrigold Superlec Powder offers our consumers one of the most potent, natural, concentrated phosphatidyl choline products on the market in a natural, non GMO, nonbleached, vegetarian and vegan form.

Guaranteed GMO tested

At Nutrigold we are very aware of our consumers concerns over GMO soya. So we feel it is important to point out that every batch of soya we use in the manufacture of Nutrigold Superlec Powder
 have been tested by the most accurate test methods available.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Nutrigold Superlec Granules is suitable for vegetarians as it is comes from the soya bean. We are very aware that some people have concerns over the intake of soya products, because of possible sensitivities. However, it is important to note that this phospholipid is just an extract of soya and not the whole soya bean complex itself. Because of this we have found that many sensitive people are able to tolerate this product. We have sold many thousands of units of Superlec over the years with no reported sensitivities, however, if you feel you have a definite allergy to soya you should not take this product. The only real alternative source of these important phospholipids would be eggs, although we are currently looking in to the possibility of using other natural plant sources.

Nutrigold Superlec Granules can help support:

Those who want to get the best out of their essential fatty acid products, as the phosphatidyl choline in Superlec emulsifies (brings together) oil and water
A healthy liver
A healthy heart
A healthy immune system
Healthy cholesterol levels
Those who consume fatty, processed foods
The elderly

Ingredients for Nutrigold Superlec Granules


High potency phosphatidyl choline
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans
Made from the highest quality, finest non GMO soya
Lecithin is supported by many scientific trials

Dosage for Nutrigold Superlec Granules

1-2 teaspoon (approx 5-10g) twice daily, with orafter food, or as directed by a practitioner.