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Lamberts Saw Palmetto Complex

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Lamberts Saw Palmetto Complex




see below a letter from Lamberts explaining the change...

Re: Prostex

You may recall that I wrote to you back in February 2014 to inform you of some important changes concerning Prostex, brought about as a result of The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the UK licensing authority.

The background

To summarise, the MHRA had determined that the above product should be classified as a medicine, subject to the provisions of The Human Medicines Regulations 2012 (Sl 2012/1916). What this meant was that they were of the view that Prostex®, although marketed as a food supplement (and defined as having a nutritional effect), was in fact having a medicinal effect and therefore required a licence.

They felt that the dosage instructions of 2 capsules, giving a daily dose of 320mg of saw palmetto extract, exceeded the dosage in licensed traditional herbal remedies for men who have a confirmed diagnosis of BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy). The MHRA also believed that the presentation of Prostex® (including its name), implied that it was a medicinal product which treated specific conditions. Had the legislation been clearer we would have applied for a licence at the time.


Re-labelled ‘Saw Palmetto Complex’ product

The change in legislation required us to re-label the product (which we did) and if you have made a purchase since the 14th February 2104, then you will have received a pot re-named as ‘Saw Palmetto Complex’, with dosage instructions revised to state one capsule daily (giving a daily dose of 160mg of saw palmetto extract rather than the original 320mg of extract per 2 capsules). At the time I stressed that the capsules themselves had not changed in any way, and that it was simply the name and daily dose that were affected.


And now, a new improved Prostex® to replace ‘Saw Palmetto Complex’

However, in order to provide customers with the best choice of products, I’m pleased to announce that we have now launched a new product, under the original Brand name of Prostex®, which replaces the product referred to above as ‘Saw Palmetto Complex. This new improved tabletted formula’, contains a concentrated extract, standardised to provide 320mg of the active compounds called beta sitosterols. We have chosen to substitute the herb saw palmetto for a different plant source (but with the same important properties), in order to achieve a higher level of beta sitosterols than found in the ‘original’ 2-a-day Prostex® formula. 

With twice the NRV (Nutrient Reference Value) for vitamin D

We have also taken the opportunity to improve the formula by including a relevant 10µg of vitamin D per daily dose, recognising the importance now attached to this nutrient in relation to our immune system and health in general.  

With added zinc, quercetin and amino acids

We’ve kept the same level of key B vitamins and the amino acids alanine, glycine and glutamic acid together with 15mg zinc and 50mg quercetin.


Introducing a ‘straight’ Saw Palmetto Extract

Recognising that there may be a few customers who may prefer to continue taking saw palmetto, we are pleased to announce the introduction of a ‘straight’ Saw Palmetto product to our range, providing 160mg of extract from the purest grade saw palmetto berries.



High strength Saw Palmetto with supporting nutrients.

Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens), a North American palm, is one of the top selling herbs in the US and Europe.
Prostex® is still one of the most popular supplements of its kind and remains one of the strongest Saw Palmetto supplements available in the UK, a major factor in the ongoing popularity of the product. 

Lamberts® Prostex was one of the first saw palmetto products, and from the start contained a concentrated extract at a level that matched the scientific studies. It also contains three important amino acids and zinc, as well as the antioxidant nutrients vitamin C and vitamin E. The formula also includes quercetin, an important bioflavonoid known to possess anti-inflammatory properties. All presented in a sunflower seed oil base.

In virtually all the studies carried out on saw palmetto, it is a concentrated extract that has been used at a level of 160mg twice daily, which is why Lamberts use an extract as opposed to just powdered berries that consist largely of fibre and sugars. The 160mg extract in each Lamberts Prostex capsule is equal to 1920mg of powdered berry. This is twelve times more concentrated than the saw palmetto used in many other products.

More Information
Further Information

Ingredients for Lamberts Saw Palmetto Complex 90 capsules

Two capsules deliver:

Vitamin E 68mg Vitamin C 300mg
Thiamin 10mg Riboflavin 10mg
Zinc (as citrate) 140mg L-Alanine 140mg
Glycine 140mg L-Glutamic Acid 140mg
Saw Palmetto Extract 320mg Quercetin 50mg


Encapsulated with: Capsule Shell (Gelatin, Glycerin, Colour: Iron Oxide), Sunflower Seed Oil, Beeswax, Soya Lecithin. 

Disintegration time: Less than 30 minutes

Allergen Advice 



None known at recommended usage. 

Storage instructions 

To be stored in a cool, dry place and protected from light. 

Legal category 

Food supplement

Directions for use

As a food supplement for men, 2 capsules daily

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