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Lamberts Complete Gainer Vanilla

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Lamberts Weight Gain Vanilla 1816 grams

A combination of high quality whey protein plus complex carbohydrates in an easy to mix, delicious vanilla flavoured shake. Each serving provides an impressive 34g of pure protein and over 7g of the BCAA’s – the essential components needed to build muscle and maximise strength. The carbohydrates help drive the processes by which muscle tissue is made by the body and the olive oil provides further, slow release energy in the form of fatty acids. 

This is one of the highest quality weight gain products available and is manufactured in the UK by one of the world’s largest producers of sports products. Lamberts® Complete Gainer can be used as either a snack meal or as an extra meal between main meals. Recommended alongside Multi-Guard® Sport. 

An impressive 34g of high quality whey protein

Great taste, easy to mix formula

High levels of BCAA’s

Includes Natural Olive Oil

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Ingredients for Lamberts Complete Gainer Vanilla 1816 grams

Each 100g serving delivers:      
Alanine 1.6g Arginine 0.8g
Aspartic Acid 3.8g Cysteine 0.7g
GlutamicAcid 6.3g Glycine 0.5g
Histidine* 0.6g Isoleucine*/** 2.1g
Leucine*/** 3.4g Lysine* 3.1g
Methionine* 0.8g Phenylalanine* 1.0g
Proline 2.9g Serine 1.5g
Threonine* 2.4g Tryptophan* 0.5g
Tyrosine 1.9g Valine*/**




* = Essential Amino Acid ** = BCAA 
(BCAA’s) Typically per 100g serving
Energy 1627kj/400kcal
Protein 34g
Carbohydrate 55
of which Sugars 7.6g
Fat 4.7g
of which Saturates 1.7g
Salt 0.3g

Ingredients: Maltodextrin Whey Protein Concentrate (from Milk) Olive Oil Flavouring Thickeners: Xanthan Gum & Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose Antioxidant: Mixed Tocopherols Sweetener: Sucralose.

Directions for use for Lamberts Weight Gain Vanilla

Add 4 level scoops (100g) to 500ml of water or skimmed milk. For the best results use a blender. Take one serving per day between main meals.
Two servings can be taken on training days if required.

Do not take if pregnant or breast feeding.
May contain traces of nuts

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