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Seagreens Food Granules

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Seagreens Food Granules 100 grams

G&G's latest additions are the Seagreens™ Food Capsules and Food Granules. Seagreens™ contain all the nutrients in an ideal organic balance which cannot be artificially formulated. A unique mix of three varieties of pure, wild arctic wrack seaweeds, they are a complete food which naturally regulates metabolism and weight, makes energy more consistent and available, and cleanses the body of toxins and pollutants like lead and mercury.

Not just environmental toxins should concern us: some foods can be just as toxic when poorly metabolised. Seagreens™ not only improve metabolism. They aid the digestion of other foods and make nutrients already in the food more available to the body. They provide a safe, daily foundation for a consistently ‘clean bill of health’ and fitness, and help strengthen the immune system.

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