Excalibur Food Dehydrator 4 Tray

Excalibur Food Dehydrator 4 Tray
You will earn 1,790 VFL Loyalty Points for buying this product
You will earn 1,790 VFL Loyalty Points for buying this product

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Excalibur Food Dehydrator

The Highest Quality, Most Versatile Food Dehydrator You Can Buy! With 35 years of manufacturing excellence, Excalibur is the world's leading dehydrator. The 4 tray dehydrator model no 2400 performs like the larger model with less frills and is ideal if you either have small kitchen or want to dehydrate smaller quantities of food. Excalibur is the ONLY machine with the unique Parallexx™ Horizontal Airflow Drying System. With this unique design dehydrating is quick and easy - Preservative &

Additive-Free food for you and your family!

Excalibur Dehydrator Highlights

Featuring the unique Parallexx™ Horizontal Airflow Drying System, which draws in cool air, heats it to the desired temperature and then feeds it throughout the trays simultaneously. The food dehydrates as the Excalibur’s hot air evenly removes the moisture from the food, and the front of the dehydrator is open, allowing the unwanted moisture to escape.The horizontal airflow feature in the Excalibur ensures even dehydration and eliminates the need to re-stack trays during the drying process.The Excalibur is truly flexible, allowing trays to be removed to allow for drying larger pieces of food, such as complete fruits.

The Excalibur dehydrator features flexible mesh inserts, which prevents food from sticking to the trays, making the seamless, polycarbonate trays easy to clean.The Excalibur’s adjustable thermostat offers the capability of perfect dehydration on every occasion and unlike many comparable dehydrators, which feature round edged trays, the dishwasher-safe trays of the Excalibur, feature square-edged trays, thus increasing the dehydrators drying capability.This food dehydrator is supplied with four trays, offering up to 4 square feet of dehydration drying area. The dehydrator is powered by a 2200W motor and uses a 4-inch fan.

Further Information

Turbo Charged Drying System

Cool air is drawn in the back, heated, and distributed evenly across each tray. During the dehydration process, warm air removes moisture from foods and is pushed out the front of the machine.

Economical round dehydrators cannot distribute heat as evenly as the Excalibur resulting less controlled drying, and increase in time to dry and more maintenance due to  frequent tray re-stacking and cleaning due to spillage