BioCare Carbozyme 90 Capsules

BioCare Carbozyme 90 Capsules
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BioCare Carbozyme

A NEW formulation of this practitioners' favourite now including alpha galactosidase, amylase and cellulase. Importantly this has been developed to ensure that is it still effective in the harsh acidic conditions of the stomach.

Provides amylase, an enzyme that digests starch and carbohydrates in foods such as potatoes, rice and cereals. Carbozyme® also contains cellulase to assist in the break down of cellulose

Amylase is normally produced by the salivary glands in the mouth, by the pancreas and by the small intestine. Its function is to breakdown carbohydrates, which are usually in the form of polysaccharides, to disaccharides and then to monosaccharides. Improper or incomplete digestion of carbohydrates may cause a variety of situations such as bloating, flatulence, low energy levels and improper digestion which reduces nutrient availability.

Additional Information

NEW formulation - now contains Alpha Galactosidase
Acid stable against stomach pH
Able to retain digestive capability over a wide range of pH variances
Vacuum packed to maintain stability, shelf-life and to prevent moisture uptake
All enzymes are from vegetable sources
Suitable vegetarians and vegans 

Further Information

Ingredients for BioCare Carbozyme

Product Information per Daily Intake

Ingredient Amount Providing % EC RDA
Alpha Galactosidase 48mg (providing 200 Alpha Galactosidase Units)  
Amylase 7.5mg (providing 4500 Amylase Units (AUs))  
Cellulase 0.45mg (providing 3 Cellulase Units (CUs))  



Bulking Agent (Cellulose), Potato Maltodextrin, Capsule Shell (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose),, Alpha Galactosidase, Amylase, Anti-Caking Agent (Magnesium Stearate), Cellulase, Soy Protein Isolate1

Recommended Intake

One capsule taken with foods containing carbohydrates or as professionally directed.


Caution is advised for individuals with colitis, gastritis or ulcerative conditions of the stomach/intestine.If you are under medical supervision, please consult a doctor before use


From Soya

Suggested Combinations

Bio-Acidophilus or Bio-Acidophilus Forte, HCl & Pepsin & Slippery Elm Plus or Enteroplex.