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Vitality 4 Life Sun Garden

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Vitality 4 Life Sun Garden

The Vitality 4 Life Sun Garden is an innovative way to grow organic herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers in the comfort of your own home. Whether you live on a spacious family farm or in a tiny high-rise apartment, the Sun Garden will flourish in a variety of ecosystems. Regardless of exterior conditions and limitations, you are able to grow plants in an environment controlled by YOU! The Sun Garden requires a small amount of space and is extremely easy to maintain and use. 

Patented LED-Light Hydroponic Wick Technology

Utilizing a patented LED Wick Watering Hydroponic System, the Sun Garden solves the shortcomings of existing Hydroponic cultivation methods. 
A central Wick runs through the base of the Soil Tray and is fed into the Water Tray. The two ends of this Wick are immersed in water at all times. The Wick then absorbs this water and remains constantly damp. This ensures the plants are hydrated without ever being over-watered. 
There are no drainage holes, which means it can be kept indoors without risk of leakage or mess. The Sun Garden also only consumes a minimal amount of electricity (40W), so it is very economical to use and run.

Save Money and Grow Vegetables All Year Round!

With the Sun Garden you will save money on fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. There is no need to worry about the ever-rising price of groceries, when you are growing your own. A unique feature of the Sun Garden is that you can easily stagger growth so that you would have plants that reach maturity at different times. 
With the Sun Garden you can have a constant supply of a particular vegetable all year-round, regardless of season!

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Taste and Feel the Difference with Living Foods

There is nothing quite like harvesting a perfect lettuce straight from the garden and using it straight away to make a delicious salad. With the Sun Garden you can literally pick and eat! By growing your own food you will know exactly where your food has come from and what process it has taken for it to get to your plate! There is no longer a need to worry about pesticides, chemicals and toxins in your fruits and vegetables!

Enjoy fresh, nutrient rich, living foods!

“With the Sun Garden my vegetables come straight from the garden and on-to my plate with as little interference as possible!” – Roger Akins, Vitality 4 Life, Founder 

The Sun Garden working with your Existing Outdoor Garden

Not only are you able to grow vegetables like lettuce or a radish from seed to full maturity, the Sun Garden is also the perfect environment for germinating and sprouting vegetables, fruits and herbs. 

By “starting off” your vegetables, fruits and herbs in the Sun Garden you are able to give them the best chance at a successful growth in an outdoor garden. You can easily trans-plant sprouted plants into your outdoor garden when they have successfully reached the Vegetative Growth Stage. This will give your seeds the safe "kick-start" they need to flourish in an outdoor environment.

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