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York Test

What is York Test?

Yorktest Laboratories provide a range of extensive allergy, food tolererance and other personal health testing tests. They are endorsed by Allergy Uk and provide their services across the world.YorkTest have over 25 years experience in home testing. And work in partnership with internationally recognised scientists, universities and charities.YorkTest provide quality aftercare and they give you access to BANT qualified nutritionists when with their FoodScan 113 and Gut health Test.

Other tests provided are;

First Step Food Intolerance Test 

FoodScan 113 


Gut Health Test 

Body ID Plan

AllergyCheck Plus 


Why do we support YorkTest?

YorkTest is the leading UK home testing laboratory and have changed the lives of many people for the better. Their tests analyse your blood and come with an easy to use finger prick lancet and it doesn’t feel much more than a light scratch.

First Step Food Intolerance Test

Suspect you may have food intolerances? Or do you have niggling symptoms that you suspect may be due to the foods you are eating? Knowing exactly what is causing that irritating headache or ongoing bloating feeling after eating can be worrying and confusing. Food intolerance can contribute to a number of symptoms such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), bloating, tiredness, migraines, digestive complaints, skin conditions or joint pain. The First Step food intolerance test can be performed in your own home by yourself.

YorkTest Foodscan 113 Food Intolerance Test

Food intolerance testing is helping more and more people identify long-term food sensitivity problems and enjoy a better quality of life, helping you to pinpoint exactly what is causing your symptoms from that irritating headache to the ongoing bloating feeling after eating.

YorkTest LiverCheck Liver Test

Liver problems? The average persons perception of alcohol consumption is that it is fairly harmless and something to be enjoyed and that alcohol may not seem to have any long lasting effects, but it can. Liver disease symptoms can be screened with LiverCheck and is recommended for anyone who consumes access alcohol. Being the death in the UK and recent research suggests that drinking even slightly more than the recommended amount can cause significant liver damage. The LiverCheck Test is a quick and easy 100% home test that delivers reliable laboratory test results within just 10 days, all from the comfort of your home.

YorkTest Gut Health Test

A healthy gut is key in digestion. It does through its many means makes use of nutrients from food and rids the body of waste and harmful substances. Microorganisms in your gut, such as bacteria, yeast and moulds make up a perfect ecological environment. YorkTest Gut Health Test will is a 100% home test that gives hospital standard results from the comfort of your own home.

YorkTest Body ID Plan

An analyses of an individuals immune response to food can offer that a more personalised approach to weight and shape management. It provides a healthy eating plan that incorporates the results of your finger prick home blood sample test. So why do other diets fail? The problem with the majority of diets is that the mass market approach does not focus on you the individual. 

YorkTest AllergyCheck Plus

Allergy UK state that almost a third of the population are affected by allergies. Providing a fast and reliable allergy test,  AllergyCheck quickly indentifies what you are allergic to and thus provides you with the ability to control your allergy and the allergens that may be causing your reaction. Allergy testing is now increasing in demand as suffers of allergic reactions increase.

YorkTest Homocysteine Test

More people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of being health conscious. By following a healthy regime we may think that we are missing the risk of any future problems. However we could still fall prey to a host of diseases because of a substance called homocysteine. The Homocysteine Test from YorkTest Laboratories helps identify if you have a raised level of homocysteine in your blood.

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